X-Philes - Fame, fans and fanaticism run a muck (englisches Transkript)

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X-Philes - Fame, fans and fanaticism run a muck


"There has never been a television series so fascinated with disease and physical degeneration" - Saturday Night Magazine[1]

"It hits a raw nerve, deep within our national consciousness" - Chicago Tribune[2]

"The X-Files is the closest thing on TV to a veinful of heroin -- it doesn't take much exposure at all before you can't imagine your life without it." - The Austin Chronicle[3]

(Shot of Chris Carter in the driving seat of his car the goes to freeze frame.)

Chyron: Chris Carter
Creator/Executive Producer, The X-Files

(Shot of Dean Haglund in stage during one of his improv shows wearing a black T-Shirt with a Canadian flag and the word FUKENEH in white capital letters on the front that goes to freeze frame.)

Chyron: Dean Haglund
Portrays "Langly" on The X-Files

(Shot of Bruce Harwood in a green polo shirt sitting on the stairs in front of building going to freeze frame.)

Chyron: Bruce Haarwood
Portrays "Byers" on The X-Files

(Shot of a gesticulating Rebecca Toolan on a couch that goes to freeze frame.)

Chyron: Rebecca Toolan
Portrays "Ma Mulder" on The X-Files

(Shot of a casual looking Nic Lea wearing sun glasses on location that goes to freeze frame.)

Chyron: Nicholas Lea
Portrays "Krycek" on The X-Files

(Shot of Gillian Anderson signing autographs after exiting a car going to freeze frame.)

Chyron: Gillian Anderson
Portrays FBI Agent "Dana Scully" on The X-Files

(Shot of David Duchovny signing autographs after leaving a TV studio in New York going to freeze frame.)

Chyron: David Duchovny
Portrays FBI Agent "Fox Mulder" on The X-Files

Title card:
A X Act Project, In.c Production
in association with Central Films

(Until here, the audio track was muted.)

Male X-Phile in glasses in baseball hat: They started out by picking up on most every plot that you had already seen in a horror movie or a science fiction movie.

Female Phile #1: Kinda like alien from [the movie] Alien all those years ago but they're cooler, they're better you know and at first when you first meet the alien [in the first X-Files movie] he's really cool he like blinks and you think oh maybe he's gonna be nice and then he goes wild and he rips this guy up and kills him. It was really cool

Female Phile in jacket and scarf: It's about vampires and alien abductions and goblins and covert governmental operations. there was this one [episode] where these giant water bugs were growing beneath people's skins bursting out. It's just gross it's always bizarre and wild and cool.

Male Phile #1: It went with a mutant idea again except this was more of an inbred idea and the mother that was kept under the bed and yeah the the mutant boys running around the house and killing people and things like that.

Female Phile #2: It was it was a cross between a human and a flatworm and there's just this one excellent shot of this guy in a septic tank going [imitates slurping noises] and he's stuck there like this. And he goes around like sucking out people people, it's really weird.

Male Phile in an white X-Files t-shirt It's that level of writing quality that attracted me to The X-Files in the first place. You just don't see that on so much other serious television.

X-Philes title card

X-Philes doc title card.png

Mark Stroman (Vice President of Promotions, Twentieth Century Fox): The show has a lot of sense of discovery. The show makes you think, the show makes you try to figure out clues and look for things where you wouldn't ordinarily look.

Male X-Phile with glasses: I mean intense things about life and what is life. Actually like last night's show I can't remember what the name was but it had everything to do with you know what is the meaning of life.

Female Phile with glasses: It is very intellectual, I mean it's not just another one of those stupid shows that totally, uh, it really stimulates the mind is what it does.

Male Phile in blue jacket: Well you know, it's a thinking show it's not like something you just kind of sit back and and watch it's you know, it's kind of thought-provoking in a way.

(Mute shot of the audience of the X-Files eXpos)

Chyron: Fans gather at the annual X-Files Expo...

Mark Stroman: This is a very highly intellectual audience. The demographics and psycho graphics in the show are some of the best on television, in fact in the history of television. These people are are very well-educated, they're typically tradition much higher income than most television viewers. Their intellect is much higher than the average television viewer. They're very smart and they demand perfection and they demand to your great storytelling. There's this issue of there's speculation, there's this sort of under, below the radar text that this stuff is feasible. I mean there is there's an inkling of I guess hope in the minds of some fans that there's some semblance of truth.

Female Phile #1 in front of crowd: People have been for truth I mean you know in the days of ancient Greece and Rome people sat around in temples wearing togas looking for truth. Now we sit in front of the television with boxes of popcorn looking for truth.

Rebecca Toolan: I don't think there is ever one truth. I think there's perception - and perception varies it's in the eye of the beholder.

Dean Haglund: That's the whole thing about The Truth Is Out There. The truth is so subjective. One person's truth is another person's lie and so it's all true - but just to certain people.

Phile with ATX badge: what I like best about The X-Files is the myth-arc aspect which deals with the big governmental conspiracy that's going on.

Female Phile #4: The X-Files just feeds society's own conspiracy theories. We all think of the government is the big bag government. While 20 years ago nobody thought that way - well I suppose there were a few..

Male Phile in glasses: Because everyone knows the government definitely hides a little bit here a little bit there and in some cases is just of course they don't want to scare the public and cause a panic.

Male and female phile: Like the went up so with the asthma spray. It was like doing some kind of experiment with the asthma and look at today everybody always said has asthma. The government is behind that, doing some kind of tests.

Dean Haglund: Well, you see the beauty of any conspiracy theory is the fact that you can't prove it or disprove it. That's part of the conspiracy. You see that's how well the conspiracy is that so I can say anything, you know I can say that computer game is affecting my mind because the makers of Atari want to alter all the youth of the nation, you know, go "No, it's not!! it's a "Ok, prove it!" "Prove that it's not affecting my mind, huh? Why am I having these thoughts of spaceships? Because of the video game!" Well, no because you're nuts. Okay, then you come to a very the very apex of every conspiracy theory for every theory the alternative theory is: "You're nuts, basically."

Female Phile #1 in front of crowd: I think especially coming up towards the end of the century people having millennial fears. You know there's there's a lack of trust, there's somewhat verging on a panic people want to believe that there are conspiracies, that there are things being kept from us then there is more than what is going on on the surface. I think we need to believe that as a culture. So you've got a different economic situation, we've got different things going on in the world where you're so you know you're 20 or 25 to 30 you're still living with your parents sleeping on a futon and struggling and trying to make it through and I think people can relate that to Mulder and Scully's struggle because they're working and they're working, they're working at getting at the truth seem to get anywhere. So I think it's kind of an identification thing.

Rebecca Toolan: Chris Carter's philosophy is that it's given them a new religion you know that the old-time religion has in many cases gone by the boards and that people want something larger than themselves to believe in

Dean Haglund: Yeah, well I suppose we all looking for a new religion aren't we? Basically there's some sort of the next thing and you know if we move out of the Age of Aquarius into the what is it then now the age of Sagittarius or something like that?

Bruce Harwood: Maybe it is as Chris Carter called it a "religion", maybe he means in the sense that people want to touch something that makes their lives seem a little extra-special for a moment or two and we all look for that in different places. Some people in shows that they really, really like.

Mark Stroman: You can't get X-Files merchandise in wild places. It's not available. They've gone very underground with distribution, even just shirts and hats, simple stuff but you won't find this at Critical Mass retail stores. You won't find it at Walmart, in Kmart. They just won't release to those places. There's a lot of underground comic book stores, some Sci-Fi stores, very specialty done.

eXpo vendor #1: We just carry a variety things, like stickers for your windows, little nameplates and then we came up with like nuts. This is X-File, the Nut. It's just ordinary, not a piece of work.

eXpo vendor with X-Files shirt: Alien heads are a new addition at this show but they seem to be popular.

eXpo vendor #1: That's that's not one jar. That's actually two jars. If you want I'll show you what it looks like without it. I'll show you what I'm talking about. See that. This - is this - see what I mean. But you can't tell that when they look at that. let's see it's actually a two jar thing.

X-Phile with hat: I think the vendors could have been a little bit more supportive to the fans. They were like cold and distant.

Vendor in dark shirt with money in his hands: Can we? Talk! Talk, just talk!

Female vendor: Jim, go away...

Female buyer: I take the Mulder and Scully ap...

Vendor in dark shirt with money in his hands: Large or extra large?

Female buyer: Large, please.

Vendor in dark shirt with money in his hands: That's twenty...forty...more of them money

Female fan with earrings: There's a lot of ? a lot of x-file ? I saw little finger puppets, they have glow-in-the-dark finger puppets, also glow-in-the-dark cockroaches. There were a lot of they were selling photographs t-shirts.

Eric Martin: (Editor-In-Training, Official X-Files Fan Club) If you join The X-Files Fan club, [you will receive]] four issues of the official magazine with the special fan club covers which you can't get on the news stands. So for instance, the current issue is the Nicholas Lea cover, which is very popular as you can imagine. It includes a bunch of stickers, an official cover letter from the fan club president. You get exclusive photos of the cast of Gillian and David and you get a membership card and it's a pretty good deal.

Female phile with scripts: I bought this [autographed script from 'Born Again'] at The X-Files eXpo auction of memorabilia from the show so. Because I like the writing I thought it'd be good to have the script.

Shot from the X-Files memorabilia auction

Auctioneer: 500, looking for six hundred dollars from the autographed poster. 500! Looking for six...

Audience member: 550!

Auctioneer: Okay 550! Looking for six we got a bit at 650 if we can't get one more bid at 650 we'll sell the other poster to the man down there!

Female Phile with script and glasses: Script was 900.

Female phile with scripts: The fever of an auction got me going, because normally I would never spend eight hundred dollars but now for [a] good cause obviously and just for something...this is something I may keep for a long time

Female Phile with script and glasses: The prosthesis that was used by Nic Lea as Krycek. How much did I pay for it? Uhm...six hundred fifty dollars. The money was going to Juvenile Diabetes Foundation which is a charity that Chris Carter cares a great deal about. It also happens to be quite coincidentally a charity that I care a great deal about because my husband's best friend who toasted us at our wedding has a grandson who was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when he was less than two years old.

Female phile with scripts: Apparently in Boston they were selling scripts for fourteen hundred dollars so I think I got a bargain. And I wanted to bid for the the poster but 2,000 2,500 that's a lot so...

Female Phile with script and glasses: If they auction if they had auctions something like a breakfast with with Nicholas Lea or something like that or that kind of an opportunity that would have been much more interesting to me than than any props or whatever.

Mark Stroman: Let's put it this way: Everybody here's who's selling some of the official merchandise is going home every weekend elated.

Female fan in light blue jacket: It started when we got access to the internet in work actually and I was just playing around and I started looking up things that I was interested in and I was amazed. I couldn't believe that there was that much activity about it and I actually lurked around for a while before I gathered up the courage to post on the official website fan forum and I was hooked right from then

Mark Stroman: There's an amazing internet crowd that works together every Sunday night after the Fox broadcast of the show, the internet lights on fire with the amount of people logging on to discuss this week's episode and things that they discovered and there's there's a real familial, you know community out there. People The X-Files Expo has allowed a lot of them to come together meet each other like for the first time because they've always just been keystrokes and letters and words on a green flashing screen so it's fascinating to watch them come together.

Female X-Files news group member with cup: For me, for me I like to show and when I found the internet did it for me it, really. [I] wasn't, I wasn't obsessed, I wasn't focused. I was, it wasn't the show wasn't my life it before. When I got on the internet and found people that really like to show and really started to look into it further. What has become from the show and from the characters has become the more to me than the show itself.

Female Phile #4: Then the one website that I particularly go to there's everything from ten year olds to people who are in their late 60s and so you have that full range of expertise and experience and knowledge and you have people who are in school doing every imaginable field you can think of. From doctors, lawyers, film study specialists you name it. Historians, archaeologists.

Female Phile in Scully cosplay: There's news groups there's list that send email directly to you to everybody in the list. There's just fan clubs, there's online chat rooms, there's IRC to chat, there's even like posting boards.

Phile sitting in chair: Now you can get anything in there, You know you can get, you know people discussing Mulder's obsession with pornography and you know other people saying why they like these characters so much. I mean the thing about The X-Files is that there's so many characters and each character has it's a sort of legion of fans and every time that character does something on the show you know people will freak out about it.

Group of three philes: Yeah there's this one website it's...um...o you watch X-Files? The're web pages of poems that write about a red speedo. It's incredible.

Bruce Harwood: It is unusual, I guess being the first show that built a fan base through the internet where people communicated with each other about the show and in fact that may of being what saved the show in its first year was that people were talking with people from across the country we're talking with each other and sharing their experiences and that way producing a very close-knit group of fans whereas otherwise they'd be isolated in cities and maybe there'd be only a few.

Dean Haglund: That's the transition right there and I think that that's when you found also everybody going online in droves and sure enough. I mean now it's you know international.

Female Phile with NICAP hat: There are million websites for The X-Files, especially fanfiction. (someone goes: Yeah!) People write stories based on the show and there's about I don't know how many sites for that and it's really popular

Phile sitting on couch: It's people writing about, writing their own fiction about the characters from the show and you know some people want to write something that they think would actually happen on the show. So some people will write stories th<t I think this is an episode that should be on TV and you know they stick to the same format other people use it to explore things that could never ever happen on the series so a huge glut of Mulder Scully romance stories. So, some are worth reading.

Female Phile with script and glasses: They're divided into two groups: the people who want Mulder and Scully together - the shippers for relationshippers and the NoRomo's who don't want a romantic relationship in between them and they're pretty evenly divided.

female phile with NICAP hat: We're the shippers. We are shippers, hear us roar! They have to get together.

Female Phile #4: They call me the "ASG", the Anti Shipper Goddess because I'm dead set against the idea that there's even a hint of romance between Mulder and Scully. I can't see it, I've never understood where anybody can see it. I don't even think they're basically friends.

Female Shipper: Now, we're not saying that for them to get married have kids. We just want just like a little like a acknowledgement of how they feel for each other.

Dean Hagund: A lot of the fanfiction out there, I don't know if you read some of the alternative stuff similar to the slashers. Do you know about slashers? Okay here's another subgroup you might want to look into. Slashers are what they call a group and I was invited to a couple their conventions slashes are Kirk/Spock homosexual relationship stories set in space.

Female Phile with script and glasses: Slashes is the term for people who you know for Mulder/Krycek, kind of well, for any male/male relationship that fans talk about in fandom.

Dean Hagund: There are these secretaries and housewives and stuff and they write all of this stuff and send it amongst their group and they meet at these conventions and then call themselves slashers and it's really bizarre.

News group member: The is a certain contingent of X-Files fans who think that Mulder/Scully is not the ideal pairing on the show. Draw your own conclusions.

A group of us on the internet are the Mulder/Krycek Romance Association. (applause)

Rebecca Toolan: I didn't realize there was such a network out there on the internet of fan clubs and fan chat.

Female Phile #4: Chat rooms are by far the busiest on weekends and they are supremely busy just before an episode and just after an episode. So Saturday evening to Monday night it's very hard sometimes to even get on to the servers because there are so many people trying to get on.

Female X-Files news group member with cup: I am like really really on the far, far end of doing it way way too much but I am married but I have no have children, um, I have a time intensive job. I probably spent I spent a minimum of four hours a day and on my day off I spent I, I've been known to sit at a computer for 12 hours but I'm I really way with and I but I recognize that I am no...

Other news group member in striped shirt: You're not alone we do not okay I'm also married but I don't have children I'm on at least three hours a day and sometimes more

Female phile black jacket: I'm taking up too much time with access on the internet with The X-Files because I feel like I have to go out there and see what's been posted every day. I have to check my email it's it's just so addictive and I've met so many people that it just feeds on it.

Female Phile in Scully cosplay: I usually spend most of my free time on the internet as much as I can because I work on my webpage a lot.

Blonde news group member: I'm on 15 hours a day.

Other news group member: I'm online maybe one to two hours a day.

Female phile with base cap and glasses: I'd go on to a lot of the fiction fan fiction lists mailing lists a couple of talk where we'll. I mean not as much now because they're it's gotten huge. They're really, if you get on too many mailing lists you can literally receive hundreds and hundreds of emails per day and you can crash your system and everything else. I'm on probably about three mailing lists but I don't post, I just lurk.

Female fan in light blue jacket: There's also another topic on the fan forum that's called XPA, stands for "X Files Anonymous".

Male Phile with X-Files T-Shirt: Membership is open to anybody all you have to do is come on to that particular webpage and say why you why you are addicted to the X-Files.

Female Phile on the outside: And every time you go in there you always see something that says you know you need XPA when and someone will list all the reasons you know you have to set the V...both VCRs...you have to be home at nine o'clock you won't answer the phone and you send the kids to bed

Male Phile with X-Files T-Shirt: But everyone who joins is assigned a number, a five digit number from an episode.

Female fan in light blue jacket: The case number is a number that appears somewhere randomly throughout an episode. They usually give you a hint of what season it comes from and you have to...well you don't have to but it's fun to try to figure out what the number means, what the significance of it in which episode it applies to.

Female Phile on the outside: I was assigning numbers for a while but it's just that overwhelming because there was so many people.

Female fan in light blue jacket: I think it might out about two weeks after I got it. So I had to view about half of the season that they told me.

Male Phile with X-Files T-Shirt: For about a tenth of a second at the beginning of the episode there is a sign this said "Welcome to Comity, New Hampshire
Population 38 825
so that's my number.

Female fan in light blue jacket: The person who was giving out the number promised me I could have a number that was associated with Mulder, because she knew I was a David/Mulder fan. And it turned out that it was the first five digits of his cell phone number in an episode that was called Fire and you don't actually see the number written anywhere or spoken anywhere you actually see Scully dial the number on her cell phone so I had to like rewind and play, about 20 times to make sure that it was the right number, but it was.

Female X-Files news group member with cup: That's that is the coolness of this thing in the show. I like to show if the show stop tomorrow, were discontinued, I don't know. I like to think it would but but it's it's you know it's the fear that's the phile...the "phile-ness" of the whole thing.

Chris Carter in car: I heard there was a an online Fan Appreciation Night, a virtual party the other night at somebody's website, that was kind of interesting.

Images of people browsing various X-Files fan sites at a convention

Dean Haglund: First season I get a call:

'You got this audition for this X-Files thing'.
'What's that?'
'FBI agent chasing aliens and stuff.'
'Yeah that's gonna go somewhere! Ho ho That show's got no hope whatsoever.'

Bruce Harwood I didn't know anything about the series. I thought, what I heard about it, I thought it was a stupid idea. 'Oh, FBI agents chasing ailiens, that ain't gonna fly'...

Dean Haglund: ...and then we get the part but it's only one day and there's no word of it being a recurring character or anything. It was just they're going to be a one-off and so we do that and off we go. Thanks a lot! yeah, okay never see you again, whatever...

Bruce Harwood ...and then three or four months later my agent phoned me and said they want you back on the X-Files, apparently you're popular on the Internet.

Dean Haglund: ... and because the Lone Gunmen were on the internet and sort of playing, you know real folks. At that time there was the internet news group and all the fans started going 'Hey look, the writers and producers are obviously lurking on our site because they wrote characters that match us and 'Isn't that cool. and 'Man they should bring them back! and so the writers didn't producers start bringing us back and it feeds on itself. So it was really the fans that supported the Lone Gunmen into becoming recurring characters

Female phile with base cap and glasses: Fan input is definitely used, especially in a show like this where they actually do troll a lot of the the online groups. For example people complained online for a long, long time about why Scully never drove. So they did in the episode Syzygy where she has the comment 'How come on you never let me drive? you know and it's a guy thing?' and he says 'No, it's because I'm always afraid your little feet won't reach the pedals.' that was a direct response.

Bruce Harwood: The one of the things about being online is that it's possible that Chris Carter will listen in sometime. That might make it a being online just a little extra exciting. You never know. 'I got this great idea for a story for the X-Files maybe someone will listen.

Fan with tan baseball cap: Rumor has it that Chris Carter does log in and check out some of the sites and he has a way of listening or having a pulse and what the fans want to hear or want to see.

Chris Carter in car: It really hasn't had a direct effect. I've never taken a story off the internet but I listen to what people say, you know and it's it's an immediate feedback to you to listen to their response, to see what people like and it can't help but affect us all.

blonde news group member: We think that pay attention to us because there's things that we see in the episodes that they could only think of if they were monitoring the gardener's crew. Pairing Mulder and Scully to Rocky & Bullwinkle, those were nicknames that people use for them on the news group Mulder and Scully - Moose and squirrel and eventually which episode was it? Never Again! Scully makes some joke about the Rocky & Bullwinkle show and they actually say "moos and Squirrel" and my reaction was pointing at the TV Oh my god, oh my god, they got that from the news group!'

Bruce Harwood: My reaction would be if you put up an idea on the net and they use it for the show, wouldn't it be sort of a copyright thing there, you know? It might be a little dicey, it's probably not a good idea.

Mark Stroman: I don't know that there's a single person at the X-Files that is not on the Internet, especially on Sunday nights. Looking and listening for fan reaction.

Dean Haglund: You know, I think, I think it's the first how where the writers and producers and Chris Carter and everybody were wired and were savvy enough that they could see the show from the very beginning and see the feedback off the internet and have the two joined together. As the internet grew, so did the ratings.

Mark Stroman: There's a real sense of participation right by the audience and they feel like they can sort of help solve or they're on the same mission almost a Scully and Mulder, that they just want to find the truth. So in that sense absolutely it's much more participatory, probably the most notorious show on television. Shy up you know, Americas most wanted, where you pick up the phone and turn in your neighbor

Female X-Files news group member with cup: I've met some of the finest people I've known in my life through this show, through the internet.

Female Phile on the outside: You realize how small to the world is because I've met people from all over. Where I never would know people. I'm gonna, I'm from Jersey, I don't really travel. I don't have friends that are all over the country or the world and now I do. It's like they're right there to talk to them every day.

Female Phile on the outside in front of crowd: Yes, I have made a lot of connections with people I have quite a few friends from there.

News group member cradling alien head: We know each other more from not seeing each other ever, then we do as...I said for two years we just laid eyes on each other later on and....

News group member in striped shirt: ...I have probably traded more secrets and talking more than in depth then I talked to probably anybody else...

News group member in grey shirt: We met over the Internet and now we live on the street from I'm each other I ...

News group member in striped shirt:' now know that she worked five miles you know three miles for me.

Female X-Files news group member with cup: There's a lot of really cool personal stories for this or for people that have become good friends on line. I have a friend in Australia who I met through the news groups. There is a couple of magazines, we write two or three times a week.

Dean Haglund: Well because it's anonymous right, you know, 'That wasn't me!' you know. I think that had a lot to do with it, right is there a chance to like express yourself fully about how much you love the show and and as The New Yorker cartoon said "I could go online and no one knows I'm a dog."

Footage of a dog.

Female phile with scarf: Well, yeah it's like a high-tech way of reaching out and touching someone. I mean there are other people who go to the Expos and stand in line for like hours just to get a glimpse of Gillian whatever, you know, but there are other people who go to the locations like and-and-and where they're filming and everything and like try to track them down or whatever. It's really wild.

Footage a someone on a snow mobile on the set.

Female Scottish phile #1: There's this book called Reel Vancouver by Ken Macintyre.

Ken Macintyre: My name is Ken Macintyre. I wrote a book called Reel Vancouver and it's all about filming locations and the movie industry in Vancouver. There's a big section in Reel Vancouver on X-Files' locations in particular which has attracted a lot of attention on the internet from X-Files fans. This is the location that was used in the episode Squeeze from the first season. This is the location that doubled as a Washington, D.C. restaurant where Assistant Director Skinner was shot, This location played an Idaho trust company and it was right in front of it that an invisible elephant rampage down the street squishing the cars in its wake. One fan in particular from Scotland found out about the book before it was even published.

Female Scottish phile #1: It's amazing, it's worth it, it's worth every penny.

Female Scottish phile #2: ...and we know North Vancouver better than we'he known our own hometown. We've been [to] every single Street looking for big white trucks.

Ken Macintyre: She's been to Vancouver at least three or four times and usually brings groups of X-Files friends from around North America, throughout the world, in fact.They come here on...almost X-Files location scouting adventures.

Female Scottish phile #1: My friends and family think I am clinically insane (laughs) but I don't care.

Female Scottish phile #2: We should go a head start now, anyway (both laugh)

Pictures of the female Scottish philes with Carter.

Female Scottish phile (VO): We were hanging with...okay say it...and Chri...Carter

Pictures of the female Scottish philes with Dean Haglund.

Other female Scottish phile (VO): I almost spoke to Gillian for every way as well...but she said we should wait since see she was learning her lines that time.

Pictures of the female Scottish philes with Bruce Harwood and Gillian Anderson.

Other female Scottish phile (VO): Oh David, he's lovely. He was really nice to us.

Pictures of the female Scottish philes with David Duchovny.

Rebecca Toolan: Well, David is a pretty private person, ...he works a very hard in a long week. I'm sure he doesn't like his personal life fragmented and that is a potential negative spin off of any kind of notoriety or fame. So it's very hard for him just to melt into the crowds here.

Footage of Duchovny within a group of people and photographers.

So he's very high profile, so I think he is very cautious about fan contact.

Female fan on sidewalk: We are on West Point Gray Road heading towards what we believe to be David Duchovny's house. He's got there are several exotic looking cars parked in the driveway and...including but maybe well...there's a Ferrari and a Spider and I don't know about the Beamer. But it's almost safe to say he's home! This is David Duchovny's residence. You see his car parked in the front yard here, it's got California license plates and tinted windows and he's well known for driving this Beamer around town - but you can't unfortunately because of the style of the building see if she's home or not. There are no lights on that are visible.

Rebecca Toolan: I don't know if David has experienced anything except just too much of a good thing. I don't know if he's actually had I think he may have had some garbage picking that kind of thing, which also starts to get a little bizarre if you have to think through every stage of leaving your home and every stage of what you do with what you throw out, you know, what do you take to the set what to incinerate, what can you put on the curb for the garbage man. I mean life becomes too detailed within significant problems.

Female in front of bus: And then I can understand the pressure that he's under and you know he wants a personal life and hear all these fans standing out here, almost stalking him, but no I won't stalk...yeah.

Footage filmed from inside a car stopped a traffic lights.

Chyron: One block down from the action...

A man in an orange shirt is waiting for something to happen. Female voices can be heard calling "David!". Duchovny is seen leaving from a back door.

Chyron: ...the action

Duchovny signs a few autographs for waiting fans.

Female near the camera microphone: Oh No perfect better view from the back...Duchovny boards a black limousine. Oh, well, there goes the limo!

Guy in the orange shirt jogs back into the car and gets in.

Other guy on the back seat #1 Oh, why don't we follow the sedan?

Other guy on the back seat #2: Whose sedan?

Other guy on the back seat #1 All right, they must ask which cars somehow. You sure its a sedan?

Other guy on the back seat #2: Yeah, this car right here.

Female in the back seat: Could you lower the music? Music blaring from the car radio is lowered.

Other guy on the back seat #1 Are you sure?

Other guy on the back seat #2: Look, look! I know he in there.

Other guy on the back seat #1 Is that him?

Other guy on the back seat #2 Yeah!

Other guy on the back seat #1 Yes, that's him. Okay, let's go.

Cars begins to tail the car they suspect Duchovny in.

Rebecca Toolan: Well I've met several of them, just here, visiting, trying to sleuth out David, mostly. Trying to be where he sometimes is and I share a local coffee house with David and that's one of the places that these fan folk present themselves.

Image of Starbucks Coffee house.

Female Starbucks Barista (VO): David Duchovny orders a tall cappuccino and Gillian Anderson, she switched her drink a few times but the latest one it's kind of weird is: She brings in her own rice milk and it's a decaf grande rice latte, a rice milk latte. So we always wonder what's the point of that. (laughs)

Guy in front of 2400 Motel room: A bunch of people came up here on Sunday and I sort of guided them around town, like we went to the apartment where Scully lives, we went to the apartment where Mulder lives, we sort of strolled past David Duchovny's house and then we came back here to the 2400 Motel

Receptionist at 2400 Motel: answers phone 2400 Motel. Call back in about ten minutes, thank you! Sorry! straightens his tie. We've had fans come in here, you'll know take pictures, all the time and you know we're always here or somebody's always here and we had another picture up here points to the wall with framed pictures behind him when this was taken when these two pictures were taken of him and her a very nice picture of him and who is standing by the car there and lot of times when people come in here we have to get a party ice so we have to go into the back. So just like now, if you came in here and asked me for something I have to go into the back and get it. That's your chance to get behind here, grab it and put in your coat whatever you're going to do with it. We didn't notice until the next morning. Now somebody says where's that picture gone? I'm sure enough it was gone. So somebody had come and taken it. And then when people see these signs here like 126 and 124, oh they just go wild, they want to go over there and stand in front of these doors, because they say well that's where David walked out of area, see.

Guy in front of 2400 Motel room: I don't know if this particular room 126 is the one that they use. I think they may have switched the numbers around. I was told that it was actually 123 that they used.

Receptionist at 2400 Motel: Especially the young girls, the younger girls, you know they see: "Oh my gosh, can we go sit on the bed where David was" and it, you know it was funny.

Guy driving the following car: It's gotta be here. it's got a be.

Guy in orange shirt: He ain't switched cars.

Guy driving the following car: Okay, well that's why it's good to you were there.

Guy in orange shirt: Okay, okay we're on top of him!

Guy driving the following car: Okay, Susie gets out, I'll get out of that right side.

Guy in orange shirt: They did the old switcheroo on us.

Guy driving the following car: That's it, you see?!

Guy in orange shirt: I don't know if it was for deception or if it was convenience. They might've just switched limos because they had on that stretch to pick somebody else up.

Guy driving the following car: Well, now we also know where he is, that is a good looking outline.

Ken Macintyre: We've got X-Files fans from all over the world trying to hunt down the X-Files when they're on location and of course that's a big part of the book, how to crash a location shoot. I give 12-step program, you know, help helpful hints. There are telltale signs, obviously, the big white production trucks which they call honey wagons, also a little arrow signs that you see from time to time around the city which are actually used to direct the cast and crew to where they're going to be filming. If you're a location spotter and you see these arrows that's a definite sign of what direction to head to find a film shoot.

Scottish fans walk over snow to a few members of the filming crew who are setting up a shoot.

Male crew member: Well, actually I feel like, right back there it's okay. You have to be a off set just for insurance problems, you know, if something happens to you, it can't be on set. You really have to be like, back here.

Bruce Harwood: This is something I don't understand about any fan experience and maybe it's a it's a sort of misapplied devotion to the show. In that, somehow having someone's autograph, makes you that much closer to the source. That's my only guess.

Dean Haglund: ... but I never understood, why...why one collects an autograph or sales autographs or you know I'm happy to sign them but I would never myself sit for hours waiting for somebody to come out of a show or stand in a line-up and get somebody's autograph. It would just to be seem like...mmm...mo I don't think so.

Male autograph hunter #1: Yeah, I happen to be an autograph hound, so that's what I do. You know I don't sell this stuff, I mean I just I like to meet them whenever I can. As a matter of fact, once i'm done here I'm going to meet...I'm going to see if I get Mickey Rooney tonight. He's at Madison Square Garden, The Wizard of Oz, so I so I do this guy thing all time, but at least they are here, it's indoors so it's not so bad.

Male autograph hunter #2: You have to you have to be calm, you have to be tactful. I mean, you don't go "Oh my god, I'm your biggest fan!", that's not going to work, usually. You be pretty well scare them off, that point.

a very Canadian Bruce Harwood: Well, I just listen to them, I look at them, I listen to them. I hope that's relaxing. Try and talk normally, yeah. laughs I talk quietly, I try not to make any sudden moves laughs No, usually, usually they're just...if they're if they're awestruck well then they're not going to be spending a lot of time staring at me. They're going to move on .

Guy driving the following car: Now, you know this is interesting, uh uh you know I'm, we're gonna...

Guy in orange shirt: ....Where's he going?

Guy driving the following car: I don't know!

Male autograph hunter #2: The thing of it all, is getting an autograph. Although if you think about it scientifically it's just a scribble right. To me it means, they took the time to give to me they took, I've got a memory of it and no matter what happens, I can carry whether it's a piece of paper whether it's a photo. I carry that around and look at that and no matter what anybody does that's mine. That's my piece of time they gave to me.

Dean Haglund: Wow, that's weird. Well wouldn't, I would always say, I would always think that just you know my own memory would be that. But then again there was no actor I really wanted to spend time with. laughs Oh that, says a lot, doesn't it?

Female Phile with script and glasses: Why is it meaningful? Because for at least the briefs a brief second you get to meet somebody whose work you admire on the screen and meet them...as a real...as a real person.

Fan getting autograph from Nic Lea Hi Nic, how are you?

Nic Lea: Hey, how's it going?

Fan getting autograph from Nic Lea Good! I follow you all over the country laughs, thank you!

Nic Lea: For sure. See you again!

Bruce Harwood: I was grabbed by a small group of people on my way to the to the backstage door and had to sign autographs. And there was one young lady, I remember this, her mother and she came up and and she said oh we love your autograph and and the girl handed out her ticket which is all she had and her hands were shaking like this. shows shaking hands So...it's funny. I...I can understand being awestruck in...say...standing next to Robert Mitchum or Katharine Hepburn or Jack Nicholson or something like that because you're dealing with an icon but I'm no icon. I don't see it myself...laughs I don't see it. I don't see it...[that] people get that excited

Rebecca Toolan: Partly, it's just they're giddy because they're meeting people that they consider big. I mean, I'm not big but you know in their eyes I'm big right. So and they're fun, I mean, they're just the real folk there's such a spectrum and if you get them to come down and talk about themselves on a human level they're really, they can be quite interesting. And they can be even illuminating and revealing and it's good for me to find out that stuff because I wouldn't have any other way to find that out.

Bruce Harwood: So in a way approaching someone for their autograph is, instead of just being someone who watches the show you become part of the show in a way. You know, to be able to say I've met that person look here's proof. I have a signature in my hand.

Guy driving the following car: Most the time they don't even know we're following!

Guy in orange shirt: Right and usually they're pretty cagey

Guy driving the following car: In fact, sometimes, I just take a yellow cab. There's so many yellow cabs, you know, how they gonna know.

Guy in orange shirt: Except, once, at one time, one case...

Guy driving the following car:...that was you on the fight

Guy in orange shirt: Okay, i was on a bicycle...

Guy driving the following car:...that sticks out like a sore thumb that one...

Guy in orange shirt: Right that well yeah it does.

Guy driving the following car: A yellow cab is great because you don't know what which is which.

Dean Haglund: I think the nature of celebrity is changing with the nature of technology. Celebrity only came about because we had movies and television and way of mass producing a person's image around the world, that suddenly you could have one person do one act one day and reproduce that act a million times for a billion people and everybody be totally mesmerized by that one whatever you know Chaplin's comedy or whatever. That turns you into a huge celebrity megastar.

Bruce Harwood: My take on it is that: Yes, I have a responsibility outside just working on the show. To be responsive to the fans, to be to be pleasant with them, to leave them with a good feeling.

Female X-Files news group member with cup: That's a big fight thing on the internet. What do these people owe us. Do they owe us anything? Do they owe us their lives? No, they do not. They don't owe us lives but it's because of us that they make the big bucks and they have the life and do they have a life because of what they make? Probably not. That's the choice they make. We choose to put them up in a position that perhaps they can't have a life.

Rebecca Toolan: I don't know. I don't have a clear fix on any of this. It's such an other world. I mean, (whispers) I hardly watch TV. How would I know about fans? I don't. Yeah, I', involved in my family. I'm involved with my work. I read. I walk on the beach.

Guy in orange shirt: Don't go through the light. Don't go through the light!

Guy driving the following car: He's not going through that light unless he wants to get a ticket.

Guy in orange shirt: Good! Yeah, please right there. That's the only fear I have, that run the red light and then I'm stuck.

Guy in orange shirt: But you know something? Even if that happens he's not getting too far. You'll still be able to follow.

Dean Haglund: I mean you're obsessed about something that you can't get a hold of. Once you get a hold of it, it no longer retains the power that it once had right.

Male crew member: Well, you know I'm getting more instructions through that you know....yeah. you have to be like really like another 50 feet would be okay, you know.

the Scottish fans with binoculars and posing for a picture with Nic Lea.

Female Scottish fan #2: Could I get one?

Nic Lea: Yeah! Have to be nice now because this being videos taped. Well in terms of the weather and the location. So and what are you doing over here?

Female Scottish fan #2: I'm really nervous but I wanted to visit all the places The X-Files is filmed. laughs

Nic Lea: Goodness gracious! Just all over with that girl?

Female Scottish fan #2: yeah this is our first day here.

Nic Lea: Is it really?

Female Scottish fan #2: Yeah, we came up here that night, we saw these XF signs things.

Nic Lea: Yeah, for sure. It could have easily rained today.

Female Scottish fan #2: I know.

Female Scottish fan #1: We were here last September's and all it done was rain.

Nic Lea: Well, you know that happens. Well, excellent meeting you guys. So if you want to come down and have a look at the you know the...you know...shooting.

Female Scottish fan #2: Thanks a lot four your time.

Nic Lea: Alright so we're just down here. Just come by.

Female Scottish fan #2: Yeah, thanks a lot.

both watch Nic Lea go and are squeeing and laughing.

Female Scottish fan #2: Oh he is sooo gorgeous! Oh, did I faint? Oh. I can die happy.

back in the following car

Guy driving the following car: 49th is backed up up all the way to the Queensboro Bridge.

Guy in orange shirt: Well, I certainly hope he is not going over these, you know.

Guy driving the following car: He could be going, this is outside of possibility but if he goes over, the police why he'd be going to Silvercup Studios which is in Long Island City. You make that right, he cut off the bridge.

Guy in orange shirt: I'm gonna bet yeah...

Guy driving the following car: We're going right there yeah

Guy in orange shirt: I think he's going to one of two different places. He's either going towards the LaGuardia airport or he's going to Kennedy Airport. Yeah, this is probably the way to go to Kennedy Airport.If he's going to LaGuardia, he should have got uptown and taking the Triborough Bridge to the Grand Central Parkway but he's going to Kennedy. What he's gonna do there we go he's gonna go over the Queensboro Bridge and...gridlocked why doesn't...he...why can't move this guy. Unbelievable!

roll end credits

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