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Tom Hobbes

Lieutenant Thomas F. Hobbes was close to his discharge from the Army when he was called to do one last mission and sent into the virtual reality simulation known as Harsh Realm. He left behind in New Jersey his fiancee Sophie Green. They had planned to move to California. He was decorated for saving the life of his friend Waters when they served together in Sarajevo in 1994. In the realm, Hobbes was reunited with the virtual character of his dog Dexter. He also came upon the dying virtual copy of his mother, Katherine, at the same time she was dying of cancer in the real world. He grew up in Columbus, Ohio.

Fox's [defunct] official Harsh Realm site said: "Hobbes displayed valor and heroism in the conflict in Sarajevo, helping to save the life of his best friend, Major Mel Waters. He was preparing to begin civilian life with his fiancée, Sophie. With only days before his retirement from the military, Hobbes was given one last mission: to test play HARSH REALM, a virtual reality game devised by the military for training purposes. His objective was to find and kill the game's current top player, Omar Santiago. Hobbes' desire to return to Sophie in the real world is the driving force that urges him to complete his mission in HARSH REALM."

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Mike Pinocchio Corporal Mike Pinocchio served in Desert Storm. After that, he served in Yugoslavia, where he was severely injured by a land mine. The loss of his leg and eye prompted him to volunteer to go into Harsh Realm. In the Realm, he worked for Santiago before presumably faking his own death and going to live outside the fence. He drives a modified 1970s era Chevelle. His gun is an MP5K.

Fox's [defunct] official Harsh Realm site said: "The first person Hobbes meets in HARSH REALM is Pinocchio, who steals all of Hobbes' belongings. Pinocchio is a shadowy figure on the wrong side of the tracks in HARSH REALM and a member of the rebellious forces against Santiago. Although he at first seems like a mercenary, Pinocchio's resourcefulness and cynicism guide Hobbes through the REALM, and Pinocchio proves to be a valuable partner."

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Omar Santiago In the real world, Santiago is a Sergeant Major, the most-decorated combat veteran to serve in Southeast Asia. He retired, but apparently that retirement took him to Harsh Realm, where he holds the rank of General and is working from his Santiago City headquarters to take over the United States. He is said to be able to go in and out of the game. The US government in the real world wants him dead. His plans are said to involve destroying the real world so that Harsh Realm is all that remains.

Fox's [defunct] official Harsh Realm site said: "A high ranking, decorated combat veteran, Omar Santiago entered the military situational war game of HARSH REALM and became its top scorer. But instead of returning to reality to claim his victory, he took control of the world inside HARSH REALM and created his own government and army, leaving the military in the outside world helpless to reclaim its own computer program. Santiago is one of the few who knows how to move between the two worlds, giving him the ultimate power over the REALM and its destiny. The military now sends its own soldiers into HARSH REALM to eliminate Santiago, but no one has yet to return triumphant."

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Florence Fox's [defunct] official Harsh Realm site said: "Although Florence is mute, she is a capable soldier for the resistance against Santiago. She has mysterious powers in HARSH REALM and will be a helpful ally to Hobbes' quest."

Florence is mute; presumably a virtual character. She has the ability to heal, but can only heal injuries that occur within the game (not pre-existing conditions coded into the game). She was a member of a group known as the Sisters, all of whom were mute healers. But she left the religious group and took up arms.

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Mel Waters Although they were best friends in the real world, Waters and Hobbes are at odds in Harsh Realm. First Hobbes finds that Waters married Sophie's virtual character. Waters also works for Santiago.

Fox's [defunct] official Harsh Realm site said: "Waters and Hobbes are best friends who served with each other in Sarajevo. Unbeknownst to Hobbes, Waters was previously sent to HARSH REALM with the same objective--to capture Santiago. But the two find themselves on opposite sides in the REALM, and their past friendship comes into question."

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Inga Fossa She works with the military in Fort Dix, New Jersey. She can come and go as she pleases between Harsh Realm and the real world, where she approached Sophie Green with information. She has a past connection to Pinocchio.

Fox's [defunct] official Harsh Realm site said: "All we know so far about Inga Fossa is that she is at the breakfast table when Hobbes is given his assignment to HARSH REALM, and she is the only civilian in the group."

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Sophie Green Sophie is Hobbes' pregnant fiancee, left behind in the real world. She has two sisters and a brother named Sam.

Fox's [defunct] official Harsh Realm site said: "Sophie is the fiancé of Hobbes, and the two planned to move to California and have children after their wedding. When Hobbes enters HARSH REALM, their relationship takes a turn. She is what motivates Hobbes to find Santiago and return to the real world."

more details

Harsh Realm is a military simulation programmed by the US Army. It went on line October 13, 1995. For several hours, there was no distinction between our world and Harsh Realm. Until noon, when a nuclear bomb the size of a briefcase was detonated in New York City. 4 million people were killed instantly. ("Camera Obscura")

The game was to be a terrorist training simulation. It also featured other tactical training war games, such as simulations of famous old battles ("Kein Ausgang").

The highest scorer in Harsh Realm is General Omar Santiago. General Santiago controls five eastern seaboard states and is actively conquering more. Santiago City's exact location is unknown - it may be a new city built exclusively for Santiago. It's unlikely to be Washington DC because he hasn't captured states that far down the coast. It's located fairly close to New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio. It might be Philadelphia, the first capital of the USA.

Those who live inside Santiago City have ID barcoded chips implanted in their chests. The chips, when scanned, provide access to services such as city buses and serve as security devices.

Those who live outside the fence have very little.

This is the introduction to Harsh Realm, the voiceover to the video Hobbes watched before he entered Harsh Realm in the pilot:

"Technology and the threat of nuclear annihilation in the last half of the 20th century have changed the world forever. They changed war and its consequences, as they have forever changed the battlefield and the warriors who must still fight there. It's been estimated that a nuclear device the size of a small suitcase, smuggled in and detonated in New York City would kill several million people instantly and many times that amount with radioactive fallout. This scenario prompted the DOD to create the project code named Harsh Realm. Using the 1990 census, satellite cartography and other classified data, the creators of Harsh Realm have created a virtual reality where landscapes and people are identical to our world, down to every man woman and child. By putting players into this simulated crisis scenario..."


Harsh Realm : Characters : Details

Thomas F. Hobbes

Rank: Lieutenant

Pay grade: 03 (ID card in credits)

Social Security: 165-26-???? (ID card) According to http://www.ssa.gov/employer_info/statessn.html this number would have been assigned in Pennsylvania.

Date of Birth: Unknown. In "Reunion" height marks on his mother's wall are dated 9/76. Presumably this makes him older than 24/25 years old.

Identifying marks: Tattoo on right shoulder (Pilot). Right-handed ("Manus Domini" - he's writing a letter)

Family: Mother, Katherine, deceased. ("Reunion." Her name - script only?) We don't have any information on his father. Fiance, Sophie Green.

Car: In the pilot, in the real world he drives a red GMC pickup truck, New Jersey plates. The plates look like they read XAQ350 ("Leviathan").

Dog: Dexter, in both Harsh Realm and the real world.

Childhood: His childhood home is in Columbus, Ohio ("Reunion"). This is the house with the wall marks from 1976; his mother still lives there, so presumably Tom did all his growing up in Ohio.

Military History: Served with Waters on a peacekeeping mission in Sarajevo in 1994. At that time his rank was Corporal. He was decorated for bravery for saving Waters' life.

Character Traits: Hobbes is incessantly polite, and always says "please" and "thank you." He seems to believe in the goodness in all people.

Michael Pinocchio

Rank: Corporal

Medical conditions: In the real world, Pinocchio is scarred ("Inga Fossa"). The right side of his face and neck have suffered apparent burns, and his right eye is white, unseeing. He also lost his right leg at the knee. The injuries were incurred on his third day on a peacekeeping mission in Yugoslavia by a rebel land mine. ("Manus Domini")

Blood type: A+ ("APOS" on dog tags in "Leviathan")

Religious affiliation: Catholic ("CA" on dog tags in "Leviathan")

Pay grade: E04 (ID card in opening credits)

Date of Birth: Unknown.

Social Security: 549-24-1889 ("Leviathan") According to the Social Security Administration, this number would have been assigned in California.

Identifying: Holds his gun in his right hand.

Family: "He has no immediate family." Sophie, "Leviathan."

Car: In Harsh Realm, a black with metal coverings protecting the windows and headlights. It is a Chevrolet Chevelle.

Gun: an MP5K ("Camera Obscura")

More on his gun from Ladyhawke: An MP5K is a self-loading automatic rifle made by Heckler and Koch with a 4 inch barrel (and that's length of the barrel). The very generic term would be "submachine gun." Magazines for the weapon can hold 15, 30 or 40 rounds (the 40 round magazines are not made by H&K). The bullets are 9 mm, 10 mm or .40-caliber (and these indicate the diameter of the barrel). The entire weapon is under 13 inches long with a 4.5 inch barrel and weighs 4.4 pounds. It can fire in semi-automatic or full-automatic modes (I think semi-automatic has a slight pause between shots, but I'm not positive).

There is also an MP5K PDW (Personal Defense Weapon). The PDW has an attachment called a Three Lug Barrel, which allows for quick attachment and detachment of silencers, flash hiders, blank firing adapters and grenade launchers. Based on photos I found, this is *NOT* Pinocchio's weapon -- I think he's got the standard MP5K (photos are at http://www.ambient.on.ca/cpunk/hecklerandkochpart1.html about two screens down).

Military history: In the real world, served in Desert Storm with John Cabot ("Leviathan"). Several of his men died there when Scott Eric Sommers deserted his post ("Kein Ausgang"). Went to Yugoslavia, where he was injured by a land mine. He volunteered for Harsh Realm. In Harsh Realm, he is a former Republican Guard who served under Santiago. Waters makes reference to having gotten Pinocchio's old job ("Inga Fossa"). Pinocchio wasn't such a nice guy then - "I saw this man burn down my home," says a prisoner in "Reunion." Pinocchio tells Waters he got out because he could take all the killing. ("Inga Fossa").

Liaisons: In "Inga Fossa" an episode where we see Waters having an encounter with Inga Fossa, he tells Pinocchio he not only got his old job, he got his old lady. Presumably this refers to Inga. "Old lady" might indicate Pinocchio was married to her - then again, Waters isn't. It's unlikely Waters is referring to VC Sophie, because when VC Sophie met Pinocchio they didn't seem to know each other. At the end of the episode, Pinocchio has this to say about Inga: "I trusted her once. Let the devil put her tongue in my ear. I couldn't run fast enough." Must not have been a nice split.

Character Traits: Pinocchio enjoys a quick, sarcastic wit.

He also enjoys a good fight and gets his ass kicked in pretty much every episode.

Pinocchio also apparently watched a lot of TV. He refers to Hobbes and Freddie the Forger as "Gilligan and MaryAnn" in "Inga Fossa"; calls a prison guard "Lurch" in "Reunion"; and compares some Republican Guard to "Yogi and Boo-Boo and the picnic basket" in "Three Percenters."

Omar Santiago

Rank, Harsh Realm: General

Rank, US Army: Sergeant Major (pilot)

Clearance: All Areas (Republican Guard ID in opening credits)

Date of Birth: Unknown.

Family: unknown

Car: Likely to be seen in a Republican Guard humvee

Military history: In the Real World, he was the most-decorated combat soldier to serve in Southeast Asia. Retired, but not before he beat the "reigning lord of the realm" to become the highest scorer in the game known as "Harsh Realm" (Pilot). Pinocchio says Santiago served 7 tours in Vietnam. ("Cincinnati")

Character Traits: Santiago is said to possess the ability to pass out of the game into the real world; however, no one in the real world can find him. Santiago's rather polite - he calls Hobbes "sir" in the pilot. His plans are said to be to destroy the real world so Harsh Realm is all that remains. Santiago believes he is doing the right thing in his conquering of the American frontier. He says he's creating the nation our forefathers would have wanted, free of strife for his people. He believes those outside the fence are just on the wrong side.


Rank: unknown. In the pilot, Hobbes asks her if she's military and she shakes her head no.

Date of Birth:


Identifying: writes with her right hand.

Character Traits: Florence does not speak. She has been known to write when she needs to communicate something. She can heal things that happen in the game (ie Hobbes being shot in the pilot); however, she can't heal anything that happened in the real world and was written into the code of the game (ie, Hobbes' mother's cancer in "Reunion").

Mel Waters

Rank, Harsh Realm: Major

Rank, US Army: Sergeant (Hobbes calls him this in the pilot)

Date of Birth: Unknown. Outranks Hobbes, so he is presumably older than Hobbes.

Family: Unknown. He married Sophie Green in Harsh Realm, then shot her.

Liaisons: with Inga Fossa ("Inga Fossa")

Character Traits: Hobbes saved his life in Sarajevo in 1994. Waters serves proudly under General Santiago.

Inga Fossa

Rank: Unknown. She may or may not be military, but she is on the base and attends meetings concerning Harsh Realm in the real world.

Date of Birth: Unknown.

Liaisons: Mike Pinocchio, Mel Waters, possibly Santiago himself

Character Traits: She has the ability to pass in and out of the game. She has approached Sophie in the real world under the pretext of giving her clues to the truth. Pinocchio doesn't trust her.

Sophie Green

Date of Birth: Unknown.

Family: Fiance, Tom Hobbes; she's pregnant with his child; two sisters and a brother named Sam (pilot)

Car: Hobbes' red pickup truck.

Dog: Dexter

Job: Unknown

Character Traits: She's not on very familiar terms with Hobbes' mother. She has a picture of herself with Hobbes and Waters.

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Harsh Realm : Episodes : Trivia

Pilot {from the official Fox web site, now gone from the Web) The pilot took 17 days to shoot. The last day of filming was a 20-hour day. Scott Bairstow was cast as Hobbes without the producers ever having read him for the part. On the third day of production, the prison cell scene where Hobbes first confronts Santiago was being shot. As the producers watched Bairstow over the monitor, they were convinced that they had cast the perfect actor to play Hobbes. The character name of Hobbes is inspired by the philosopher with the same name. The teaser scene in Sarajevo was actually shot in downtown Vancouver. The Last Supper inspired the breakfast scene in the Quonset Hut bunker. There was much discussion between Chris Carter and director Dan Sackheim about whether the look of the Quonset Hut should be high-tech or low-tech. They decided upon something in between. The armchair that Hobbes sits in when he begins the virtual reality game has the word "siege" scratched on the left arm and the word "perilous" on the right arm. This is a reference to one of the chairs in King Arthur's Court that was supposed to be occupied by the bravest knight in the land. In the tale, anyone who was not capable of filling the chair would turn into ash. Sir Lancelot eventually filled the chair. The narrator of the Harsh Realm video is Gillian Anderson from "The X-Files." The character Mike Pinocchio was named after a high school classmate of Chris Carter's. D.B. Sweeney, who plays Pinocchio, has said that he wished he and Scott Bairstow (Hobbes) had a more fractious relationship, helping the characters to have more of an edge when they first meet. Unfortunately, the two actors are friendly off camera. Although the character she plays on "Harsh Realm" is mute, Rachel Hayward is really a comedic actress. She was almost cast in a sitcom before landing the role of Florence. The crossed swords logo of Santiago's army is an ancient symbol for conflict. The dock scene at the boat was shot over 10 hours at night. When they set up the shot, the boat was at eye level. Over the course of the shoot, the tides had changed and the boat had sunk lower as the water level changed. The crew had to put Sophie up on a stepladder so that she would seem higher than she was. The final shot of the bodies on gurneys was actually only 12 people. The rest were created with CGI.

Leviathan [from the official Fox web site, now gone from the web]

The title of the episode is inspired by the title of the 1651 book Leviathan by the philosopher Thomas Hobbes. Although the pilot episode wrapped on April 12, 1999, the first episode did not begin shooting until July 28th. The farmhouse of John Cabot's family is the same structure used in The X-Files episode of "Home" (4X03). Kate Luyben, the actress who plays "May," also appeared in the Millennium pilot and The X-Files episode "Kill Switch" (5X11). The cemetery scene was actually shot in a park. When the song "Taps" played, Samantha Mathis and the extras were so overwhelmed with emotion that they actually began to cry. The songs used in the episode are: Moby "Run On" Prodigy "Climbatize" Rob Zombie "Super Beast"

Inga Fossa

"Inga Fossa" translates to "in the trench" in Latin.

Kein Ausgang

"Kein Ausgang" translates to "No Exit" in German. No Exit is the title of a play by Jean-Paul Satre.


Director Kim Manners' picture appears on a wanted poster in Slater's office.

Three Percenters

Manus Domini

"Manus Domini" translates to "the hand of God" in Latin.


Camera Obscura

"Camera obscura" is Latin for "dark chamber."

A camera obscura is defined by Websters as "a darkened enclosure having an aperture usually provided with a lens through which light from external objects enters to form an image of the objects on the opposite surface."

Harsh Realm was cancelled halfway through filming of this episode. Chris Carter flew up to Vancouver to break the news to the cast and crew personally. Production on the series ended once filming for the episode was over.


In Greek mythology, Circe was a sorceress whom Ulysses met on his 20-year odyssey. She turned his men into pigs and he lived with her on her island for some time.


Harsh Realm : Music

Pilot Prodigy - Fat of the Land - "Climbatize" White Zombie - AstroCreep: 2000 - "Electric Head Part 2" Organik - - "Piece of Meat"

Leviathan Moby - Play - "Run On" Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe - "Super Beast"

Kein Ausgang Edith Piaf - Love & Passion (box set) - "Y'A Pas D'Printemps"

Camera Obscura "Suo Gan"

Original score by Mark Snow. Title theme

Sources: the official Fox Harsh Realm site; the alt.tv.harsh-realm newsgroup faq.



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