Diskussion:Akte X - Das Spiel (Videospiel)

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X-Files Game Secret No. 4 You might have noticed William B. Davis' name in the credits of the game but failed to see him therein. The only way to see CSM is when you are at the building in Charno with Astadourian and you find the bomb instead of trying to get out before it explodes, either take the pliers and cut the wires on the bomb or take your gun and shoot it. You may end up dead but at least you get to watch him light up a Morley as he looks on emotionlessly at the burning building.

X-Files Game Secret No. 8 This secret isn't a very useful one, but a secret nonetheless. If you take the book (Jose Chung's - From Outer Space) with you to the warehouse you can click on it and then the locked door and Willmore will try to open the door with it. But since it will not work you will still have to use the lock pick. Again, this isn't a useful secret, but it is fun to learn these secret little tid-bits about the game.

X-Files Game Secret No. 9 This secret isn't very useful one, but I thought I'd add it anyway. When you're talking to the homeless man at the railroad yard you can give him most of your inventory, but if you plan on playing the game from that point on I would not advise doing so. Reason is, he'll take your stuff and there is no way to get it back from him.

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