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zum Akte X-Universum.
Burt Reynolds 1991 (Foto: Alan Light)

Burton Leon Reynolds Jr. (* 11. Februar 1936, Lansing, Michigan, USA als Burton Leon Reynolds Jr.) ist ein Gastdarsteller in Akte X.

Chris Carter schrieb die Rolle des Mr. Burt speziell für Reynolds. Dieser äußerte sich in einem Interview dazu wie folgt:

"I am a fan of the show," he said. "And then, of course, Robert Patrick and I had worked together, and I adored him. I said something to Robert about, 'If you see Chris, would you mention to him that if they have something they would like me to do, I'd love to do it.' So he did, and Chris told Robert, 'I am going to write him something.' You go, 'Yeah, sure.' And months went past and I said, 'Well, forget about that.' Then suddenly I got this script and it said Mr. Burt. I said, 'Oh that's cute, Mr. Burt.' As I read it, it was a wonderful, wonderful part about a man just so full of joy for life that it's a little unclear about whether he's the devil or the other guy." [1]

Filmografie (Auszug)[Bearbeiten]

Burt Reynolds als Mr. Burt in Akte X


  • (2007) Schwerter des Königs - Dungeon Siege King Konreid
  • (2005) Ein Duke kommt selten allein Jefferson Davis 'Boss' Hogg
  • (2005) Spiel ohne Regeln Coach Nate Scarborough
  • (2001) Driven Carl Henry
  • (1997) Boogie Nights Jack Horner
  • (1996) Striptease Congressman David Dilbeck


  • (2006 - 2009) My names is Earl Chubby (3 Episoden)
  • (2005) King of Queens Coach Walcott (1 Episode)

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