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  David Duchovny | FOX6 News, 26. September 2007 |Quelle

“I'm pretty sure we'll be shooting it this winter you're never a 100% sure until youre actually making it but im 80-90% sure that we'll be making it.”

  David Duchovny | Access Hollywood, 21. August 2007 | Quelle

David Duchovny Gets His Hands On 'X-Files' Sequel Script

David sat down with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush, and he revealed that not only is there a script for the “X-Files” sequel - he’s actually read it!

“I have,” said David, when Billy asked if he’d read it. “But I’m sworn to secrecy legally, actually. If I were to tell you anything about it I would — I would be sued.”

He added that “X-Files” creator Chris Carter and series executive producer Frank Spotnitz wrote the screenplay, which he had expected to see within the week.

Well, apparently he’s seen it — and while he legally can’t discuss the details...he wouldn’t want to anyway!

“We’re gonna try to keep it under wraps and try to keep it a surprise,” he told Billy. “You know, unfortunately, I think with so much media attention on show business, it’s hard to — it’s almost impossible to think of, like, a ‘Sixth Sense’ coming out now.”

In an interview with Sci-Fi.com last year, Spotnitz revealed that the sequel’s story would not rely on the oft-confusing “alien conspiracy” plotlines that permeated the show’s nine seasons.

“One of the things that was exciting about doing it is to not make it a mythology story, and it’s like one of the stand-alone episodes,” he said, adding, “it’s a bit scary.”

And while it remains to be seen if Spotnitz’s description still applies, Duchovny is not about to spill the beans!

“I hope that we’re able to kind of keep this inside a bubble and surprise people,” were his last words on the matter.

  Chris Carter | Entertainment Weekly, 1. August 2007 | Quelle

So, everyone's buzzing about the announcement that David Duchovny made at TCA about expecting an X-Files script within two weeks. What’s the status of the script? Is there a script? There's a script being worked on.

Is the two-week time frame still applicable? Roughly. I really don’t want to speak too much about it because I'm superstitious, as you might imagine. But everything's in the works. But there's plenty of business to be done too. The interconnectedness of the business has proven to be a little bit complicated, so that's got to get done too.

Is it safe to say that you and the other major players involved are working toward getting the movie made? Absolutely.

This rumor — the announcement that the X-Files movie is imminent seems to come up every six months or every year. We’re really working to make it happen now.

This time it's for real, you'd say? Yes. I should say we're working to make it happen. It's for real that we're working, but there are no guarantees that it will get made. I mean, it still has to go through a lot of different things, including a budgeting process.

Are there any other factors that are going to be very important in determining whether it comes through aside from just budgeting? I think people's schedules, the budgeting, and finishing it before time gets tight — late next spring when everyone thinks there's going to be a strike.

Is there a potential release date idea? No. That's Fox. That will be their doing.

But if you're thinking about getting it done before strike it would start sooner? No, no, they are thinking about it for a summer movie, but as far as a date, I couldn't say.

  Gillian Anderson | The Independent, 18. Juli 2007 | Quelle

But now The X Files legal wrangles have now been resolved and speaking to The Independent last night from a film festival in Italy, Anderson confirmed that she was set to begin filming sometime between October and January. "The script is imminent and we are meant to start doing it by the end of this year and beginning of next year," she said. "I have been for it from the beginning and I have been positive about it from the beginning."

Anderson, 37, said Carter had been working hard to make the follow-up feature film happen. "I think there were a lot of issues that have stopped it in the past but now it seems clear and they've got the contract details worked out and I guess Chris has had time to write it and all those things equal something positive," she said. [...]
"It's going to be a very scary film about two characters who happen to be called Mulder and Scully. I don't think they are going to draw on any of the mythology or the conspiracy stuff, as far as I know. My understanding is that it's scary like a monster film."

  David Duchovny | Premium Hollywood.com, 15. Juli 2007 | Quelle

“This time,” says Duchovny, “I really am supposed to get the script next week. And I’m looking forward to seeing what (Chris) did.” Carter will also direct, according to Duchovny. The plan is for filming to begin later this year, with a release date for sometime in 2008.

  Chris Carter | TV Guide.com, 14. Juni 2007 | Quelle

And what's Carter up to now? He says he's signed up series stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson for a second X-Files movie.

  David Duchovny | KcRw, 27. April 2007 | Quelle

I was sitting with Chris Carter and Gillian Anderson just last week because we were talking about, you know, we got this X-Files movie kind in the works, a sequel to the first one. We were just all sitting, 'we are really going to do this? going back to do this?' Just really enjoying each other's company and I said to Chris what I say to you, which is I look back and I'll see one of the old episodes, and think, 'god I was just awful.' The show is okay, and this is like really early on in the year, and yet I forgive myself and the show in many ways because what I lacked in expertise, I think I made up for it in kinda a yearning to please. There's a greeness to the guy, but a sincerity, a real sincerity that I think by the end of the show I kind lost by fatigue and maybe being jaded, the process of becoming well-known, the show becoming this thing that is kind of cool in the beginning even though my voice is strangled and three octaves higher than normally.

I always loved the show and character, and whatever fatigue or discomfort I had towards the end of 8 or 9 years of it was merely feelig a prisoner of i, so it wasn't... of the actual machine, not of the show. I have always wanted and had hoped for a spin-off into a movie franchise, and I look forward to play this guy into different areas of his life every now and then, just not every week.

  Gillian Anderson | BBC Online, 23. April 2007 | Quelle

Is there any truth to the persistent rumours surrounding a new X-Files movie?

Yes, there are new rumours of an X-Files movie possibly happening, which is brilliant. Whenever they manage to get it together I'm on board.

  David Duchovny | Washington Post, 23. April 2007

Of his nine seasons on "The X Files," Duchovny explains his drift away from full participation during the show's final two seasons as exhaustion more than boredom. "That was really fatigue," he says. "It wasn't really 'I'm tired of it.' It was just 'I'm tired.' " What's more, the much-speculated-on second theatrical sequel, he says, is in the works.

Um, but hasn't he been saying that for four or five years now? Okay, he'll admit to a little uncertainty. "I've said that before, and I've been mistaken, so . . . yeah, I mean, every time I'm asked, I'm always like, ' Uhhhh, it's in the works.' But it's more real now." So we can definitely write this down? "Yes," he says with a laugh. "No longer use invisible ink. We'll go to pencil."

  Frank Spotnitz | Frank Spotnitz' Blog, 17. April 2007 | Quelle


Several people have e-mailed to ask about reports that the second "X-Files" feature is finally in the works. A script is indeed in development, but I'm afraid that's all I can say. Thanks for your good wishes and support all these years.

  David Duchovny | Chicago Sun-Times, 16. April 2007 | Quelle

X will mark the spot at the box office again. David Duchovny just told GLARE that a new "X Files" film is "definitely in the works."

"[Agents] Mulder and Scully will be up on the big screen one more time, and I'm looking forward to it," he says. "I really miss the people behind 'The X Files.' This film will be a reunion, and I think we'll make a great movie because Mulder and Scully are just great characters."

As for the plot, Duchovny says, "It's five years later. It will be a stand-alone movie. You have to assume a lot of people don't know the show, so you need a plot that doesn't require that you've seen the TV series."

The first "X Files" movie debuted in 1998. Is it too long a wait for another film?

"I think there were two schools of thought: Do another one right away or wait and have the fans really want one. I like the idea of people saying, 'Hey, where is Mulder after all of these years? Is he following Jimmy Buffett? Did he become a Parrothead?' " jokes the actor.

Duchovny says it will "probably be easy to step back into Mulder's suit. ... It's like 'The Incredibles.' The suit is hanging in my closet, waiting. I'm just hoping to fit into the suit. I don't want to hear, 'Oh, man. Mulder has to cut back on the carbs.' "

Forget any old stories about angst with his co-star, played by Gillian Anderson, who plays Scully. "We love each other now," he says. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder. We actually had lunch last week, and it was really nice to be back together."

The film is expected to debut next summer. Duchovny says the script is "shrouded in secrecy. It's even a secret from me at the moment. I'd blab if I could."

  David Duchovny | WNBC, 14. April 2007 | Quelle

I am cleared by the powers that be to say that XF2 is in the works. A story and a script are on the way.

  David Duchovny | IMBd.com, 3. April 2007 | Quelle

"This week, they're starting some kind of road towards doing it (the film). Gillian and I both want to be in it now. We're happy to do it. At this point all of the kind of fatigue and anxiety that we had towards the end of a nine-year run is gone." He jokes, "We've forgotten why we hate one another and can only remember why we love one another and we're very happy to go back. Chris and Frank are going over the story. It's a story they've had for a few years but we haven't all settled on the fact that we wanted to do it, so now they're hammering it out."

  Gillian Anderson | Empire Online, 2. April 2007 | Quelle

“They’re starting to talk about doing a feature agai

n,” she confirms. “Every year or two they talk about it again, but it seems like it might be for real this time. Somehow it seems like somebody’s really serious about it. I know that Chris’ lawsuit with Fox is over, so maybe now it can be done.”

Anderson says that the movie sequel’s function isn’t to appease the hardcore fans. “I actually don’t have enough of a perspective to say whether questions were answered or whether it was wrapped up enough in the end, and honestly there’s part of me that doesn’t care. I can be sympathetic to die-hard fans who might feel left in short shrift, but that’s where my sympathies lie!”

  Gillian Anderson | Entertainment Weekly, 28. März 2007 | Quelle

Although Carter did not return calls for comment, according to a recent report, the legal dustup might soon be over. If true, Anderson's manager Connie Freiberg tells EW, "there's no obstacles other than the delivery of a great script."

  David Duchovny | ComingSoon.net, 28. März 2007 | Quelle

But don't think that just because he's returning to TV means he's giving up on movies. He's still very much interested in film and in fact, Duchovny is excited at the possibility of reprising his role of Agent Mulder in another "X-Files" flick. "It would be fun," he said. "Actually I think they are talking about an 'X-Files' movie this week. I'm not just saying that because it's serendipitous. I know Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz are in there this week with Fox talking about it."

He's not the only one who is anxious to come back on board, as he told us that Gillian Anderson would also love the opportunity to play Agent Scully again. "Yeah, she'll do it. We'll all do it. We're all gung ho and we're just waiting. I guess there are things to figure out, and I guess people are talking about a strike. They're trying to get it done before things like this."

While it sounds like the details are being ironed out, one thing is for certain. Since his show is on a cable network, Duchovny doesn't have the challenging schedule he once did, therefore making it unproblematic for him to do another "X-Files" movie.