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  Rob Bowman | FilmForce, 25. Oktober 2005 | Quelle

X-Files: Fight the Future director Rob Bowman has high hopes that a sequel to his 1998 movie will soon begin production. "Very high," he tells IGN FilmForce. Whether or not the movie goes into production in 2006, for release in 2007, likely depends on the schedules of series creator Chris Carter and stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. "I know they want to do it," he says. "I spoke to David and he wanted to do it. Chris wanted to do it. I think they're just working on timing." [...] While he hopes to get approval from Fox on another project, the prospect of directing a second X-Files movie evokes positive feelings. "My involvement is not something I can control. And what I've said when I'm asked the question 'Will I direct it?' is: I have to be asked to direct it first. I'd love to direct it. But if I don't, then I just can't wait to see it because I know it'll be great." Although a screenplay has yet to be written, Bowman asserts he's eager to read anything Carter comes up with. He says, "[The script will be] cool and sophisticated. That's how Chris writes. I'm sure he has lots of stories. I just think, please hurry, because I can't wait to see it." As for which series storyline the sequel might focus on, Bowman says, "The only thing I know is it will be a stand alone story. That's what I was told. It won't be tied into the X-Files mythology. So, anybody who's never seen the X-Files can step into the movie theater and have the full experience, and really see the great chemistry between David and Gillian." Now, seven years since the release of the first X-Files movie, some might say interest in the franchise has waned. Bowman believes otherwise. "[The X-Files] is like an old friend from the past, he says. "Whenever they come knocking at the door, they'll be greeted with open arms. I think... I hope that there's no bad time to make the X-Files sequel. If it came out at any time, I'd run and see it. Everybody wants to make it. And certainly as a fan, I want to see it."

  Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz | Filmfanzine, 24. Oktober 2005

X-files producer Frank Spotnitz and Chris Carter has been planning a new X-files movie for a long time. It all depends on Carter now to get the deal done. Spotnitz deal is done. So is the deal with the main actors; David Duchovny has signed to play Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson has signed to play Dana Scully. The project has been a stalemate for many months now. Spotnitz and Carter has the story ready, everything is ready - except the deal with Chris Carter.

  Frank Spotnitz | Fanreport von der L.A. Sci-Fi Comic Book Convention, 10. Oktober 2005 | Quelle

So then this guy comes up near the end and mentions XF and says: "Any word on XF2?" From his reaction, I think Frank was expecting it. He said, as we know, the story is done (he did not say script, but story) his deal is done, has been done forever, he is pretty confident that David and Gillian are set, they are just waiting on Chris' deal to be finalized. So now we know the holdup, if we didn't before!

  David Duchovny | Zap2it.com, 6. Oktober 2005 | Quelle

As tempting as it might be to try, it's nearly impossible to talk to David Duchovny about his creative endeavors without steering the conversation, unavoidably, to "The X-Files" and the potential for a second feature film. Unfortunately, Duchovny has no new information beyond confirming, as he's done several times previously, that he and co-star Gillian Anderson are ready to return whenever the situation allows. "I guess we're just in an indefinite holding pattern," Duchovny admits. "It's about Chris Carter and Fox coming to terms. Gillian and I are signed on. We're ready to go. Chris and Fox are slugging it out." [...] While Duchovny has hear vague rumblings about the negotiations between Fox and Carter, he isn't aware of any potential scripts, much less story arcs for the film. "I don't think that's the way anybody does business -- nobody writes until they're getting paid to write," he says, adding, "In terms of arcs, it's hard to throw an arc in a movie unless you're committing to 'Matrix 2 and 3' or 'Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3,' so I think the next one would be really just a stand-alone story and less of an arc."

  Dean Haglund | Fan-Interview auf der Dragon*Con, 2. Oktober 2005 | Quelle

What about the next X-Files movie?
Everyone has been talked to and there's an outline, a script in place, but Chris Carter and FOX haven't decided on a contract and they don't like each other. They're kinda mad at each other. So it's gonna be a while before that deal comes together, but I heard that it's not gonna be a continuation of the X-Files story. Do you remember that episode with the inbred brothers and their mother was under the bed on a skateboard ... ?
Yes, sure!
The movie is gonna be worse than that! So it's gonna be very dark, it may not have aliens in it at all. They said they're trying to put the Gunmen in, but they're not sure. They haven't finalised the script yet.
Thank you.

  Gillian Anderson | TV & Satellite Week, Oktober 2005

Not that Anderson wants to say goodbye to Scully completely. She admits she'd happily reprise the role for a second spin-off film. "Such a project definitely won't happen before the end of next year and it may not happen at all," she says. "There's going to come a point - if we leave it too long - when people simply won't care anymore about an X-Files movie."

  Frank Spotnitz | Big Light, 24. September 2005 | Quelle

There is STILL no news on the second "X-Files" feature film. I wish I could tell you what's holding it up, or when negotiations might be concluded, but all I can say (again!) is that I'll post news here when and if I have it.

  William B. Davis | MTV, 7. September 2005 | Quelle

Seven years after "Fight the Future," rumors of a second "X Files" movie still persist. According to William B. Davis, the infamous "Smoking Man," he's every bit as anxious as the still-loyal fans of the franchise. "I remember when we talked about it way back, just after the [TV show's] finale, but what kind of a film could I do?" he laughed. "One of the problems, of course, for me is that I'm very dead. I mean, they demolished me in the finale. I've come back from the dead a couple of times, but whether I could come back from that is a little hard to imagine." According to Davis, series creator Chris Carter has discussed making the next film a prequel, which would allow deceased characters to return. "His point [however] was that David [Duchovny] and Gillian [Anderson] are getting older, so how far back in time can you go? And now quite a number of years have gone by. So whether the cigarette-smoking man can make a believable appearance other than a ghost, I don't know ... [but] I'd love to do it. It'd be great."

  Chris Carter | Entertainment Weekly, 2. September 2005

What of the X-Files movie sequel? Carter blames the delay on tangled contracts. The story was completed last year, and he says David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are on board. "We'd want to tell a Mulder and Scully story, specifically." Entertainment law, it seems, is not as malleable as the laws of physics. But Carter's a believer: "The chances are very good." And the truth won't stay out there forever.

  Gillian Anderson | GMTV, 25. August 2005

X-Files, there could be another film coming out…?
You know, I've been hearing that for about a year and a half now.
AYou do need to hear about it for it to happen, you are fairly central!
Yeah, I know - [lacht] - I know, yeah - well there's something holding it up right now and I'm not quite sure what it is, but I'm ready whenever they are …
Would u like to do it ... ?
I'd love to. I think it'd be fantastic to be back.
They're probably trying to find your enormous fee ... !
Oh, stop! [lacht] No, y'see, apparently we're being paid nothing! [*wink*] No, I think its all about the fun and the reunion of it.

  Frank Spotnitz | SciFi Weekly, 1. August 2005 | Quelle

Frank Spotnitz, co-executive producer of The X-Files, told SCI FI Wire that a second feature film based on the television series is still in the works. "My deal has been done - and I'm not exaggerating - for a year and a half," he said in an interview at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills, Calif., where he was promoting his new series, Night Stalker. "There are other deals, and you can guess who the people are [who are] involved, and I don't know why they're taking so long. It's very frustrating to me. I hoped the movie would be done now." Spotnitz said that the lack of a deal has so far prevented him and creator Chris Carter from writing the script, but they know what the story will be and are looking forward to writing it. "Obviously, I'm very busy right now, but it means a lot to me," he said. "I would love to do it, and I wish that we could get all the business things in order so it could happen. [...] These are things that happen between lawyers, and I'm not privy to it because it's not my deal. But I know [stars] David [Duchovny] and Gillian [Anderson] want to do it. I know Chris wants to do it. I don't know where the holdup is. But I hope it happens. I remain optimistic it will happen. If you'd asked me a year ago, I never would have believed it still wouldn't be in the works at this point."

  Frank Spotnitz | Big Light, 26. Juli 2005 | Quelle

Thanks for your patience and support. I will keep my promise to let you know when I have news, but - frustrating as it is - there still isn't any. I continue to want this movie to be made, and remain optimistic it will happen once all the dealmaking obstacles are resolved.

  David Duchovny | Premiere, Juni 2005

Now that David Duchovny has released his directorial debut, House of D, where's the sequel to 1998's X-file Movie?
"The willingness is there," says Duchovny, who would reprise his role as Mulder opposite Gillian Anderson's Scully. "I always wonder why they spend all of this money adapting all these obscure comic books when they've already got a franchise ready made."

  Chris Carter | Rolling Stone, Mai 2005

What about another X Files movie?
I'm thinking about it, but it will have no aliens.

  Rob Bowman | Mai 2005

What's next? Maybe a second X-Files movie?
It's in development hell, but it's in the works. All parties involved want to do it. I think Chris [Carter] and Frank [Spotnitz] have written a script and David [Duchovny] and Gillian [Anderson] - as far as I've been told - are interested in doing it. If they invite me to direct it I will and if they don't I wish them all the luck in the world.

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r="#9A9BBE" |   Chris Carter | Fanreport, 7. Mai 2005

His exact quote was along the lines of that he came back from a vacation to have a call from FOX, and that there was still business stuff to be worked out, so "not anytime soon" - much like what we've been hearing from his people, and some of DD's remarks.
For those of you who didn't listen, here's the lowdown on XF2: it's not really a priority for CC right now, since he's working on two other scripts (Anm.: Bei den "two other scripts" handelt es sich um "A Philosophical Investigation" und "The World of Ted Serios", beide für Paramount.) that he would like to see come to fruition first. He was recently contacted by FOX about it, but he's still discussing the details with them, so there are no definite plans yet.
When a fan pressed him about whether there will be an X-Files movie sequel, he said “Yes.” He wants to do it, but he hasn’t had a chance to return a call about it since he’s been surfing in Costa Rica.

  David Duchovny | Premiere, Mai 2005 | Quelle

So ...will there be an X-Files movie? -- Lisa Beiter, Ithaca, NY
Yes. We hope to shoot next winter in Vancouver.

  Frank Spotnitz | Big Light, 27. April 2005 | Quelle

It seems you must be very busy because you haven't updated your blog since January. I'm happy because that means you are writing "X-Files 2" (I hope!).
I'm sorry for having ignored the blog for so long - I have been busy, producing "The Night Stalker" pilot for Touchstone and ABC. Alas, Chris and I have not started writing the second "X-Files" feature film. I still have no news to report on when that might happen. When and if the good news comes to pass, I promise to promptly post it here.

  David Duchovny | Chicago Sun-Times, 21. April 2005 | Quelle

As for plot secrets of the new "X-Files" movie, he said, "It will be like one of our stand-alone episodes instead of about topics such as Mulder's sister or the whole alien conspiracy. It will be more like we'll have a creature, a thing, a bad guy. But it won't be your average run-of-the-mill bad guy. He will be paranormal, weird and a megabad guy. And Mulder and Scully will be on it. "I see the next movie as a thriller in the vein of 'Silence of the Lambs,'" he says. "That will be different from the first movie, which was more about the aliens." He hopes to hook new fans, too. "Pardon the pun, but we don't want to alienate people who don't know about the show. We want to draw in people with this film who have never watched the show."

  William B. Davis | Calgary Sun, 17. April 2005 | Quelle

David Duchovny, who is currently promoting his film, The House of D, has told reporters a second X-Files movie is in the works. Davis says he's read Duchovny's interviews, but has heard nothing official. "I think they're probably talking up the project, which often leads to something concrete." Though Davis' character was killed off, he won't be surprised if he gets a call from the producers. "They do a lot of flashbacks in The X-Files, so it's conceivable I could be in ... a new film.

  David Duchovny | Live with Regis & Kelly, April 2005 | Quelle

Regis: There's a lot of talk about The X-Files; is it coming back -
David [unterbricht]: There's only a lot of talk about it 'cause I've been going on talking! [laughs]
Regis: Oh, is that right?
David: I think it's just me.
Regis: But we have heard from other people that maybe there's a second movie in the works ...
David: Well, "in the works" - I would like to do it, Gillian Anderson would like to do it and Chris Carter would like to do it and those are the three main player. And then FOX apparently wants to do it, so ... So we just have to - [wird unterbrochen]

  David Duchovny | New York Daily News, 14. April 2005 | Quelle

He says another "X-Files" movie is out there (the show spawned a big-screen version in 1998), and that he and series co-star Gillian Anderson are on board. "Gillian wants to do it, I want to do it, and ["X-Files" creator] Chris Carter wants to do it," he says. "We just have to iron out some details with the studio."

  David Duchovny | Latinoreview, 14. April 2005 | Quelle

Will there be an "X Files 2?"
I've said that I'll do it, Gillian has said that she'll do it, and Chris has said that he'll do it, and Fox says they want to do it.

  David Duchovny | 13. April 2005

What's going on with another "X-Files" movie?
I talked to ("X-Files" creator) Chris Carter last week, and he said all systems go for next winter, early 2006.
Do you know the story?
I do, but I wouldn't want to give it away. There's no script, so I haven't read a script. But Chris has told me some of the story, and it sounds good to me.

  David Duchovny | Q&A Session Fanreport, 9. April 2005

The person who asked about another XF movie was friendly, but emphatic when he asked and David said: "Bet you were trying to decide whether it was good to ask that one now - or you'd better wait, huh?!" David said that there is no script, but added that movies have started filming without them (he said this semi-jokingly) and also added in the timeframe of 8 months to start the shooting - which is end of this year - so I'm going with the start of next year. He's figured an early shoot in 2006 and about 18 months before release - so that people will really be wanting it (as if we don't now!).

  David Duchovny | FilmForce, 6. April 2005 | Quelle

After the success of the 1998 feature X-Files: Fight the Future, many expected that creator Chris Carter and stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson would bank on that success for an immediate follow-up. Nearly seven years have passed with little development and, for all intents and purposes, the chance for X-Files fans to see the stories continue appeared slim at best. In the past couple of years, talk has again come up of another feature film, with Duchovny himself even mentioning earlier this year that it might be happening. Today, during IGN FilmForce's interview with David Duchovny, he all but confirmed a return to the series, possibly as early as next year. "Well, there's no script, but Chris tells me it's like early next year. I mean, you know, the guy wrote 150 of them. He could have a script by the end of the day. The fact that there's no script or treatment is not dissuasive, to use an X-File word. I would imagine, since the three major parties are willing; Chris, myself and Gillian, I know it will happen and I would imagine it will happen early next year. It's just a matter of everybody getting their needs met I guess." When asked whether this film will tie up many of the questions still left to ponder by the show and film, Duchovny immediately responded with a definitive no. "No, that's why it's a franchise. That's why you've got to make three or four of them before we all get too laughably old to do those roles." When asked whether Doggett, the character played by Robert Patrick after Duchovny left the show, might return in the next movie, Duchovny has no clear answer. "That's not up to me. I think if Doggett, if that's part of the story, for sure. Doggett's an interesting character within the X-Files universe. It's always the story that mandates the character's involvement in the X-Files, whose issue is being provoked by this case, whether it's Scully religiosity or Mulder's sister, that kind of thing." Fans of The X-Files will be thrilled to learn that this film is not planned as a final installment for the series, but rather as the first of as many as three to four more new films. "No, I don't think there's plans. I think it's a standalone. I don't think it will even address [ending the series]. I think, by the by, it will address, but I think mostly, my feeling is it will be, and I don't know because I am not writing it, is it will be one of the great standalone episodes. It's a case, more like a Silence of the Lambs, you know, standalone movie and not one of the mythology movies."

  David Duchovny | SciFi.com, 1. April 2005

David Duchovny told SCI FI Wire that he, Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter are on board for a second feature film based on their hit TV series The X-Files and that the project is inching toward becoming a reality. Carter would write and produce, while Duchovny and Anderson would reprise their respective roles as FBI special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. "As far I know we're all getting very close to saying that it would be shooting sometime early next year," Duchovny said in an interview while promoting his latest film, House of D, a drama that he directed. "So it's much closer to being a reality than in the last couple of years." Duchovny added: "I know that I'm in, Gillian's in and Chris Carter is in. It's just a matter of making sure that everybody is free at the right time. So I would be in it. I know that Chris has an idea. He's got an idea that he's told me that I think is good. He just has to get the go-ahead to execute it."

  David Duchovny | RopeofSilicon, 29. März 2005 | Quelle

"Supposedly we are all gonna get together and do it next January or February," he said, "I mean it’s not written down, I haven’t signed anything, nobody’s signed anything, but, Chris Carter is gonna write it, and I think he is just waiting for whatever deal to happen with Fox to go ahead and do it. And hopefully we’ll shoot it in your Canadian neighbor again, you know go back to Vancouver and shoot it so that we get the mood that we like about it." Duchovny's timelines have bounced around during his optimism, but they have pretty much stayed steady on the idea of a late '05 or early '06 production date. As far as what Carter is doing with the script, it was about a month back when he told DVDEmpire.com, "It’s currently in negotiations, and things are looking positive... There’s not a script, but Frank Spotnitz and I have worked out a story. Actually, we did that quite a while ago."

  David Duchovny | House of D Director's Blog, 23. März 2005 | Quelle

whether you be x files fans or not, i appreciate your interest. speaking of x files, i think we're getting very close to getting a start date on the x2. my guess is we'll be filming early next year. i will write soon.

  Mark Snow | Stamford Advocate, 19. März 2005

He said he plans to write the music for the second "X-Files" film, having written the music for 1998's "Fight the Future."

  Chris Carter | DVD Empire, 12. März 2005

And what is the current status of a possible X-Files 2 feature film?
It’s currently in negotiations, and things are looking positive.
There have been rumors on the Net about how far al

ong things are - whether there’s a script, whether there’s not a script...can you clarify that?
There’s not a script, but Frank Spotnitz and I have worked out a story. Actually, we did that quite a while ago.

  David Duchovny | Empire (Australien), 2. März 2005

Talking to Australia's Empire magazine, Duchovny confirmed that the second "X Files" movie looks set to shoot in December. "We're all happy to do it. Gillian and I. Chris Carter. So it's just a matter of getting everybody in the same spot. I think we'll shoot it next winter, in December". Duchovny says the plan is to make the film a stand-alone supernatural thriller. "There's an idea in place. Chris won't show it to anybody. I think what's important in looking to do the show in a movie form is that it's accessible. The first one was conspiracy-orientated, alien-orientated, and I think that alienated some people. They were like, 'I don't know the show, I can't watch it.' I think if you go at it as a supernatural thriller, then it can stand alone, on it's own. Something like The Forgotten as very much like an X-File and you don't need to know anything before going in. Then I think it's more welcoming, so it's not only for the fans but for new people who might not know the show".

  David Duchovny | Radio Interview (Australien), 9. Februar 2005

I have to clear something up first and foremost, is there going to be a second X-Files movie? 'Cause there's been rumours floating around there is.
Well, I think there is going to be and we wanna, we all want to shoot it, ah, this coming winter. You know, we just have to get everybody in the same place at the same time, but the major ah, players in the equation all wanna do it, - myself, Gillian and Chris,--.
---so hopefully we can all get it done.

  David Duchovny | The Sun, Januar 2005 | Quelle

In an exclusive interview David Duchovny, who played Fox Mulder in the cult sci-fi TV series for eight years, told us he and the show’s creator Chris Carter are planning on making a sequel to their 1998 movie. The 44-year-old said: "It’s always been my desire to turn The X Files into a film franchise. "We’re hoping to get together just under a year from now and make another X Files movie. "Chris is working on the script right now with Frank Spotnitz, who was one of the writers on the show. "Gillian Anderson who played Dana Scully hasn’t signed yet, but we’d need to have her on board. "When I’ve talked to Chris about the film, we’ve both said we want to start filming in winter 2005 and bring it out in the summer of 2006." [...] And while David doesn’t know exactly what Chris’s script for the reunion X Files film contains, he said it won’t be picking up the storyline from the show’s final episode. "I think we’re going back to the ‘monster of the week’ type feel, where if you’re not an avid fan and don’t understand the mythology you can still come to it and get the movie," the hunky actor revealed. "Especially because at this point I think some people would have forgotten what the mythology was or what happened in seasons two, three and four." He added: "If the movie’s a success then it’s a way we can continue to make the show while pursuing other projects. "We have a great launching pad for some really thrilling stories and the two main characters are still very vivid. "And I hope to do this a couple more times before we’re too old!" [...] So what does the actor think his famous alter-ego is doing right now? David promises: "Mulder is on an island somewhere gearing up for his return."

  Chris Carter | TV Guide, Januar 2005

I was excited to read that a second X-Files movie is finally being made. Do you have any more info on the plot — other than that it will be a stand-alone horror flick?
Actually, it looks like David Duchovny was getting a little ahead of himself when he told USA Today last week that the film was slated to begin production later this year. "There's nothing at the moment going on," Chris Carter's agent, Elliott Webb, says. "There is no negotiation, there's no script written, there's nothing other than a desire for people to get together." Bummer.

  David Duchovny | USA Today, 10. Januar 2005 | Quelle

In other alien news, presenter David Duchovny said he spoke to X-Files creator Chris Carter earlier in the day about their long-awaited X-Files follow-up, which they expect to shoot late this year or early in 2006. "It'll be a stand-alone horror movie," Duchovny said. "Mulder and Scully investigate one particular case that has nothing to do with alien life. It has to do with supernatural stuff."

  Frank Spotnitz | Big Light, 5. Januar 2005 | Quelle

I’m sure you're probably tired of being asked about “X-Files 2,” but I’m such a big fan of the show and the first movie that I just had to ask about it. I know that negotiations have been going on for quite some time, and a lot of buzz was going around about the movie, but it’s been a long time since we have heard anything. Is the project still in negotiations? Any news from you would be a wonderful gift for all the fans.
Yes, negotiations are still continuing. I promise to post news of a deal here as soon as it closes (assuming it ever does!). Thanks for your support – and patience.