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  Frank Spotnitz | The X-Files Official Newsletter, Dezember 2004

What exactly can you tell us about where The X-Files movie is at right now?
They've been negotiating the deal forever. [Laughs] But I expect it will happen; I think we're nearing the end of the negotiation. Chris and I have a story and are waiting for all the contracts to sign so we can start writing.
So the movie is a definite at this point?
I've learned never to say anything definite until the contracts are indeed signed. But my expectation, and the expectation of the other principals, is that it is going to happen.
I know there's probably very little you'd like to say regarding what the film will actually be about, but can you tell us how much the film will spin off the ending of the final episode of the series?
You're right. I want to avoid giving away anything, in classic Ten Thirteen tradition. I don't think it's going to be overly serial, if you take my meaning. It's not going to be a continuing storyline, I don't think, but it will be consistent with what we last saw in the series.
We've gotten a lot of questions regarding what role Doggett and Reyes may play in the film. Can you tell me anything about their role in the storyline?
I can't, not just yet.
Will they be involved?
Can't say anything about it. [Laughs]
So there's been no talk yet of start date or release date?
No. I think everyone's eager to do it as quickly as we can. So many things have to align just right; we've got to write the script, everybody's got to love the script, and the actors' schedules have to open up. We're all thinking we're going to do this as quickly as we can.
You mentioned you already have a story. Have you done any actual writing yet, getting the actual script itself onto the page?
We haven't actually--well, no one puts pen to paper anymore, but we haven't put fingers to keyboard. We talk about story in a very detailed way, so we've already given it a lot of thought. But we did that so long ago and this negotiation has been many months, so I'm eager to get back to that, since it's the fun part.
Are you thinking of it in terms of just one movie, or have you conceptualized it as a movie series?
I know there's a lot of talk these days in terms of movie trilogies... This is just speaking for me, but I really hope this could be a series of movies, not like a trilogy but just an ongoing series. I think it could last as long as there are good stories to tell, but that depends on how well the movie does.
What's exciting to you about returning to write The X-Files again?
I loved The X-Files. I loved it as a writer and producer, and as a fan, if that's possible for someone who worked on it. It's got great characters and great stories, and I truly believe it's endless in terms of the stories you can tell with these characters and subject matter. It was my hope very early on, from when I started on the show in season two, that there would be a series of films to follow the television series. It took us a lot longer to get to this point, but it's something I've wanted for a long time, and I'm excited it's going to happen.

  Chris Carter | SFX, November 2004 | Quelle

Mulder and Scully may soon have a chance to flash their fabled torches on our contemporary fears. Carter is currently prepping a second big screen outing for the duo. "We are in negotiations right now. And because it's a sequel, there are peculiar and specific kinds of negotiations that are holding us up. I think that there's an appetite for it, but I think that it's got to be good. People won't just go and see anything. Whatever happens, I'm going to do something good that people will want to go and see regardless." And what story is he tempted to tell? Carter laughs, cagily. "Not a mythology one, for sure!"

  Frank Spotnitz | Big Light, 7. Oktober 2004

I ran into David Duchovny at a benefit on Oct. 2 and asked him the question no one wants to be asked – what’s the status of the next X-Files movie? He seemed really positive about it being completed in the next year and out in theatres in two years. So… how’s it going?? Is that even conceivable??? Either way, very exciting news.
This is, not surprisingly, the question I am asked most frequently whenever I encounter X-Files fans. I’m happy to confirm – as David has in several interviews – that the rumors about a second X-Files feature film are true. In fact, the studio approached us about doing another feature way back in the summer of 2001, before the ninth and final season of the series was even broadcast. I can’t speak to the accuracy of the timetable you outline above, but I can tell you that Chris and I have been working on the story for some time. If and when contract negotiations with the studio are finally concluded, we will get to work on the script right away.

  Chris Carter | US Dreamwatch, Oktober 2004

There's been a lot of talk about a second X-Files movie. What is the exact play?
It's still in negotiations, so the answer is -it's an X-File! Right now, it's in the contractual stage. I've had a story for the movie for about a year and everyone is ready to do it, so it's now just a question of when the business gets done. I am excited about the prospect of doing a second X-Files movie. I'm proud of the first movie and I thought it was worthwhile, but I can't wait to do another one in the sense that we'll be able to do a stand-alone story that won't have the restraints we had on the first movie, which was produced while the series was still on the air. There will be a much greater latitude in terms of the storytelling. I think that with the second movie, we will be able to just get in there and tell a fantastic story.

  David Duchovny | Fanreport vom Edgemar Center for the Arts, Oktober 2004

"We should be done with it within the next year, and it should be out in two."

  Robert Patrick | Zap2it.com, 21. September 2004

Robert Patrick, who took over the "X-Files" late in its run as Special Agent John Doggett, says the buzz about the second "X-Files" movie is just that, buzz. While doing press for "Ladder 49," Patrick says he has had no official offers from the filmmakers to star in the second "X-Files" movie. "I don't know, I have no idea. From what I hear they are going to be doing it," he says. Adding, "No, they haven't told me about it." Unexpectedly funny in person, he jests, "What should I do? Who should I call -- Chris Carter [series creator] or the governor [Arnold Schwarzenegger who was his nemesis in "Terminator 2"]? Either, or - who's going to help me?"

  Chris Carter | US Dreamwatch, September 2004 | Quelle

Carter has also been toying with ideas for a second X-Files movie. Although he is quick to point out that the film is "still at the talking stage," ... "I think that everybody is getting more excited about it I am extremely excited to get to do an X-Files movie that is able to be a stand-alone adventure and not have to worry about coming back for season six, like we did with the first movie."

  Chris Carter | The X-Files Official Fanclub Newsletter, 24. August 2004

"... some movement deal-wise in recent weeks, so I think everybody is getting more excited about it," Carter says. Finally, addressing those who think Carter went Loch Ness Monster and vanished into thin air following the end of "The X-Files," the writer-producer-director insists that wasn’t the case. He’s been developing film scripts."

  Gillian Anderson | Radio Interview, 6. Juli 2004

"It does indeed appear that the XF movie will be underway in the next year but a lot has to happen between now and then and a lot can happen between now and then. But it looks promising. Chris does not want to reveal at this point who or what will be in it but I got the impression it's going to be one scary monster."

  David Duchovny | 10. Juni 2004

"What we are looking to do is a stand-alone story with a third cast member. If we get another star to do that, one who can bring something with them, we can take the story in a whole new direction."

  David Duchovny | 8. Juni 2004

Is there another Movie?
Yah we are going to try to do it in the next 9 to 10 Months yah.
Oh great thats definitely happening?
As definite as anything.

  Chris Carter | Daily Variety, Juni 2004

Carter said he is still working on a second feature film incarnation of "The X-Files." "Frank (Spotnitz) and I have worked out a story, and there's a negotiation with (Fox) going on," he said, adding he's also in development on two other potential features.

  Dean Haglund | Fanreport von der Dragon*Con, Mai 2004

After that track, we booked it over to the X-Files track to see Dean Haglund, aka Langley, of both The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen fame. [...] He told us that Chris Carter is at work on the new X-Files movie script, which will be a stand-alone story that takes place a few years before the show ended, and will be very! very! gory!

  Dean Haglund | Fanreport von einer SciFi Convention, Mai 2004

Dean Haglund appeared at a Sci-Fi convention this past weekend in Detroit and during a Q&A he talked a bit about XF2. [...] He said Fox is in "very serious" negotiations to make XF2 (this coincides with David's comments which Fox refused to deny during my interview with one of their spokespeople). Haglund also said the script would pick up after the events of the finale (this is what I've heard as well) and would be "much darker" than the first film. He compared it to "Home" in term of the tone and said that is why David is 100 percent behind the project and why he is really looking forward to it. He said "everyone" seems to be on board and he believes it's going to happen.

  David Duchovny | The Tavis Smiley Show, 19. April 2004 | Quelle

“X-files.” How about a movie?
Yeah, we're gonna do another one. Uh...I'd say within the year. You know, they're just negotiating deals and writing scripts, so we're gonna get on that, so Denise should be happy.

  David Duchovny | Radio Interview, 19. April 2004

FOX wants to do it, Chris Carter and Gillian and I want to do it, so it's just a matter of where and when and how.

  David Duchovny | Late Night with Conan O'Brien, 16. April 2004

Conan asked if there would be another film and David said he, Gillian and Carter are "all in the same place" and he expects filming to begin in the next year.

  David Duchovny | New York Daily News, 13. April 2004 | Quelle

Still, even with opportuni

ties like these, Duchovny isn't about to seal the "X-Files" just yet. He and co-star Gillian Anderson teamed up for a movie version in 1998. Now he's hoping to "trust no one" in a second "X-Files" movie. "I think we will do that some time next year," he says. "If we would have the great good fortune to do an 'X-Files' sci-fi thriller every three years for the next 10 or 15 years, I would love that. "It would be great to take a character into old age," he adds.

  David Duchovny | Associated Press, 8. April 2004

David Duchovny expects that Mulder and Scully will ride again one day. Duchovny said a second big-screen installment of "The X-Files" remains in the works. Though he doesn't know the plot, Duchovny said "X-Files" creator Chris Carter has signed off on the story premise. "I'm dying to hear it," the 43-year-old actor told The Associated Press in an interview for his new movie "Connie and Carla," starring Nia Vardalos and Toni Collette, which opens April 16. "So now it's just a matter of making sure everybody can get together at the same time and do it." Duchovny starred as alien-hunting FBI agent Mulder for seven full seasons of "The X-Files," worked part-time for an eighth season and returned for the series finale at the end of season nine. He and co-star Gillian Anderson, who played Mulder's skeptical partner, Scully, also starred in the 1998 movie version of "The X-Files." "I'm at the point where I finally miss it," Duchovny said. "I wanted the grind to end, but I never wanted the show just to end. And I'd always had this fantasy and hope that it would be a movie franchise. Hopefully, this second movie will give it a foundation as such."

  David Duchovny | The Ellen DeGeneres Show, 7. April 2004

And also X-Files are going to do another movie?
I don't know. We're gonna try. I mean it's like this big monolithic piece of machinery. I'm still talking about the other movie at this point ('Connie and Carla'). That's gonna at some point, you know, in the near future go."

  Dean Haglund | US Dreamwatch, April 2004

Finally, how likely is a second XF movie?
Well, Chris Carter is off surfing and climbing the mountains of the world at the moment, so I think the last thing on his mind is sitting around his computer. So it might be a little way off. I think they're going to give it a little time so that fans can forget the Brady Bunch episode and move on!
But it's not a definite no?
It's not a definite no. In fact, I know some executives at Fox are really looking forward to a second movie. So if they are the ones who have the wallet, then they make the decisions...

  David Duchovny | Empire, 29. März 2004

It's been six long years, but fans of the X-Files can finally rest assured that the small screen's FBI alien huggers are once more en route to the big screen. Talks of a sequel have been bouncing around Hollywood for some time now, but this week news came from David Duchovny himself that a sequel was already in pre-production. US movie site Moviehole.net got the inside story from Duchovny while interviewing him for his latest movie Connie and Carla. Asking whether there was any likelihood at all that Duchovny and Gillian Anderson would ever make a sequel, they got a surprisingly positive response. "It's definitely happening," Duchovny confirmed. "Chris has a great idea for the new movie and I expect we'll be able to begin shooting in the next year or so." Asked whether he'll expect major developments in his character Fox Mulder, Duchovny replied: "I hope not. I was really fighting against that in the final years of the show and I think the whole point. I think we're going to be introducing a new character in the film which will allow us to cast a major star, male or female, who will want to be part of an exciting supernatural thriller. I think the new movie will appeal to both our core fans and a broad audience. I'm very excited about it."

  David Duchovny | SciFi.com, 25. März 2004 | Quelle

Former The X-Files star David Duchovny told reporters that creator Chris Carter and series writer Frank Spotnitz are working on a script for a second X-Files movie. "They have an idea, which they like, and they keep threatening to tell me," Duchovny said in a news conference to promote his next film, Connie and Carla. "They're going to tell me soon. They're just setting about writing it now, so we'll be doing it in the next year." From the pieces he's heard of the idea, Duchovny said that The X-Files 2 would function like a stand-alone episode of the series, with a major guest star. "Apparently, what Chris and Frank have is a great X-File idea with [room for] another actor or actress who can really score in a really great thriller/sci-fi role," he said. "I hope that takes the [film] towards the fans, but also towards new fans." Duchovny did not address the involvement of Agents Scully (Gillian Anderson) or Doggett (Robert Patrick) in the proposed sequel film. But he assured fans that Mulder would remain unchanged. "Mulder is Mulder," Duchovny said. "That's one of the things I learned fighting for the last three or four years on the show, trying to change the guy or give him a French accent one day. The nature of the character, and what I eventually learned to love about him, is he's set. The great thing about Mulder is we know what he's going to do: what he likes, what he loves and what he hates. We're just going to play with that, I'm sure."